vetting form - School Speakers

1. Are you CRB checked?
2. Have you spoken to students already?
3. If so, what ages? Which year groups?
4. What has been your largest audience?
5. What has been your smallest audience?
6. What do you specifically talk about? Explain in one paragraph as if you were talking to a
7. Where are you based?
8. What is your geographical scope? For example are you willing to work nationwide?
9. What are your fees? Typically speakers will provide a ‘talk’ fee within an hour travelling of
home, half a day fee ‘talk’ including extra travelling and then a full day fee. Please remember
education is not the corporate or media world and budgets are not huge!
10. Please provide educational references, we request a minimum 3 references/testimonials.
(I.e. from schools, colleges, unis or anywhere that you have spoken.)
11. We need to see all our speakers in action - can we come see you speak OR provide a video
footage links?
12. Please include any websites, social media links which maybe helpful
Any questions please email [email protected] or call 01924 277343