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AP Social Studies
Just about a country…
In 1838, The British government wanted to stop rebellions. They sent Lord
Durham (new Governor General) to investigate the causes of rebellion in Upper
and Lower Canada. He recommended a union of the Canadas and
responsible government .
Which would make English-speakers the majority
and give them more power.
Elected members of the Legislative Assembly
would form the Government. Limited British
involvement; more local control or local matters.
In 1841, the Union of the Canadas was official is commonly
referred to as the Act of Union.
AP Social Studies
In 1849, one of the first things that Responsible Government did was
to the Rebellion Losses Bill. This was money paid to those who had
property damaged or destroyed during the Rebellion of 1831. It was
not popular, Lord Elgin (the Governor General at the time) was
publically pelted with rotten veggies and eggs…and the Parliament
Building was torched.
(as depicted by Montreal artist, Joseph Legare)
AP Social Studies
Canada begins to Thrive
Cities began getting some modern conveniences such as gas lights, and simple sewers
Photography came to Canada
Railways built which vastly improved transportation
Union of colonies strongly supported by Britain
But, confrontation continued between the Canadiens and the English Canadians, until the
Great Coalition was formed in 1864. This saw a union between federal union between the
Province of Canada, and the other bigger British North American colonies of Newfoundland,
Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and PEI.
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