Art Resources: Books

Books on Creativity and Brain Research
 The Artists Way, Julia Cameron
 Art Synetics, Roukes
 Design Synetics, Roukes
 The Annotated Mona Lisa, Stickland (art history book)
 How to be an Explorer of the World, Keri Smith
 The Creative Habit, Twyla Tharp
 Brain Rules, Dr. John Medina
 A Whole New Mind Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future,
Daniel Pink
 The Element and Out of Our Minds Learning to be Creative, Sir
Ken Robinson
 TED website
Books On Drawing:
Drawing the Light Within, Cornell
The New Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain and Drawing on
the Artist Within, Dr. Betty Edwards
Drawing the Head and Figure
Cartooning the Head and Figure
Drawing Scenery
How to Draw Animals , Jack Hamm
Draw Squad, Mark Kistler
Drawing for Older Children, Mona Brooks
Art Supplies:
Bellevue Art and Frame, 13131 NE 20th St. Bellevue 425- 4538959
Daniel Smith, 4130 1st S. Seattle 206-223- 9599
Daniel Smith, Bellevue Store, 15112 NE 24th St. 425-643- 1781
University Book Store, 4326 University Way, Seattle 206- 6343400
Utrecht, 1124 Pike St. Seattle 206- 382- 9696
Blick Art Supplies, 1600 Broadway E. 206- 324-0705
Aaron Brothers, 13970 NE 178th Pl. Woodinville 425-487-0779
Art Supply Catalogs
Triarco Arts & Crafts INC.
Nasco Arts & Crafts 2000 1-800-558-9595
Blick Arts Materials 1- 800- 447-8192
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