Although Undead Hunt is a co-op game, the story starts out with your character hopelessly alone. You
find yourself in a room of a large mansion, with no recollection of how you got there. As you examine
the room, you notice cameras fastened to the ceiling – you are being watched. When you find the door
and exit the room, you find yourself immersed in a zombie-infested world, with no clues how to
proceed. You must explore the mansion stealthily, only coming out of the shadows to kill zombies that
stand in your way. You can use anything you find as a weapon- books, cooking utensils, umbrellas or
even firearms.
Halfway through the first level you begin to find your teammates- other people who have been
kidnapped and mysteriously trapped inside the mansion. Together you take on the hordes of zombies.
The team consists of Roscoe, Anthony, Morgan, and the Doc, four people thrown together haphazardly
to survive this mansion, all the while being filmed for an unknown person’s perverted enjoyment.
After exploring the mansion for a while, you realize just how dangerous your situation is. Often, you will
be separated from your teammates and will have to work to find them again in the dark bowels of the
mansion. Also, when one of your teammates is felled by zombies, they are turned into a zombie
themselves. You and your teammates must work together to find a cure and un-zombify your
Finally, after fighting through a mansion of zombies, you and your teammates find a lab in the
basement. Evidence in the basement leads you to an unnerving discovery: the owner of this mansion
and your kidnapper created the zombie virus himself and followed by his own army of zombies which
overran the mansion. Your kidnapper, who you have dubbed “That Jerk”, then set up cameras all around
the mansion to film his kidnapped victims trying to fight through his zombie army. You find videos in the
basement to suggest that you are not the first group of people that has been brought to the island for
That Jerk’s cruel snuff film. Currently, That Jerk is hiding in a hut within a five-mile radius of the mansion,
where the film is streaming. You decide to break out of the mansion, escaping That Jerk’s cameras and
making a break for the safety of civilization.
After more zombie-killing, stealthy escapades, your team reaches the front door of the building.
Although you have been relatively quiet through your entire mission, you now must break down the
door, creating a loud noise and drawing a horde of zombies near the door. You run outside only to find
that the zombie infestation hadn’t escaped from the house yet- at least until you released that large
horde into the environment. You run for the safety of the shadows in a large forest that surrounds the
mansion, and the zombies disperse, filling the once-tranquil forest with danger and death.
Roscoe, usually aggressive and violent, suggests that they find That Jerk’s hiding spot and hunt him
down, but the rest of the team persuades him to stay with them as they try to run for safety. As they
continue travelling, never seeing any signs of civilization and still fighting off zombies, Anthony and
Morgan begin to believe that a better course of action would be to find That Jerk. After all, he didn’t set
up cameras in the forest, and can no longer track where they are. After a few days of travel, the team
reaches the end of their search for civilization – they hit the beach, and realize they’re on an island,
probably populated by only them and That Jerk. The team then decides to hunt down That Jerk and
hopefully utilize his technology to get help off of the island.
In their last few levels of the game, Anthony, Roscoe, Morgan, and the reluctant Doc find That Jerk’s
hiding place and infiltrate it. After weeks of fighting zombies, they are stealthier than ever and are able
to break into That Jerk’s hut without him noticing. They slay That Jerk and are able to barricade the hut
so no zombies break in. They then call for help and wait for a heli to arrive.
The crazy hick on the team. Roscoe is known for his aggressive tendencies as well as his thick,
southern drawl. Over the course of the game his personality turns from a little nutty to full-on maniac,
as he tries to cope with the zombie infestation. He excels in speed and attack, but not in defense.
The token black guy, and the most reliable and sane person on the team. The retired police
officer now in his 50’s makes informed, rational decisions, often goes out of his way to defend his
teammates, and is incredibly BA. He excels in attack and defense, but is a little slower than the other
characters due to his age.
A young feminist, Morgan is spunky and quick, yet gets herself into a lot of sticky situations that
the rest of the team must work to save her from. She is not experienced around firearms, does not have
much creativity when it comes to slaying zombies, and is furthermore not stealthy at all, but is very
quick. She serves as a good decoy. As the game wears on, she learns to fight for herself and depends less
on the men in her party.
The Doc:
A rocket scientist, The Doc is timid and often reluctant to continue fighting zombies. He has the
greatest stealth out of the entire team, but lower attack and speed. He will listen to Anthony’s plans of
action, but is often reluctant and only stays with the team for his own safety, despite his fear in moving
forward. Over the course of the game, The Doc learns to defend himself and others despite his fear.
Each level takes about 45 minutes or more to complete, and there are 20 levels in the game. The levels
are broken down as such:
Levels 1-2:
Levels 3-7:
Level 8:
Levels 9-10:
Levels 11-14:
Level 15:
Levels 16-18:
Level 19:
Level 20:
Finding your fellow teammates
Exploring the mansion
Clearing the lab of zombies, gathering information on That Jerk
Escaping the mansion
Exploring the forest
Discovering and exploring the beach
Searching the forest for That Jerk
Infiltrating That Jerk’s hiding spot
Finding That Jerk, final boss battle
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