Session 4: Reading Textbooks & Note Taking

Please complete this worksheet and return to your Project CONNECT Advisor to receive credit:
Kelly – Teacher Education Center 337
Katie – TEC 339
Maegan – TEC 335
Session 4: Reading Textbooks and Taking Notes
1. It is important to have a positive attitude about reading.
2. Actively reading is
a. Being engaged
b. Asking yourself questions as you read
c. Doing jumping jacks
d. a and b
3. In an online class reading all online materials and assigned textbook chapters are not important.
4. When reading a chapter in a textbook there are 3 steps to the method discussed which is the
second step?
a. Read the title, introduction, and words in bold print
b. Ask yourself the questions what is it saying and is it important
c. Go back and read the whole chapter
d. All of the above
5. You should read a chapter how many times?
a. 2 times(before and after class)
b. 1 time before the exam
c. 4 times (1 before class, 1 after class, 1 a week before exam, 1 the day before exam)
d. 3 times (1 before and after class, then before the exam)
6. Auditory learners should sit in the front of the class so they can hear well
7. Visual learners should tape the lectures and listen to them to help them with notes
8. Tactile learners learn by rewriting several times, taking lots of lecture notes, and study sheets.
9. Which method should you use if a professor hands out a very organized PowerPoint however
the content in the lecture is heavy?
Method 1
Method 2
10. Which is NOT something you should do to prepare and retain a lecture
a. Read text ahead before class
b. Anticipate the main ideas
c. Sit near the exit
d. Ask questions for clarity
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