130 - Smoke Free Workplace

130 - Smoke Free Workplace
Highmark Inc. (hereafter referred to as Highmark or the “Company”) seeks to provide employees
with a healthy work environment, free from the serious effects of Smoking, Passive Smoke and
Tobacco Product use.
This policy applies to Highmark Inc. and its wholly and majority owned Subsidiaries and
Smoking and the use of Tobacco Products is not permitted in any Company-owned
building and in any leased space where employees work or congregate.
Smoking and the use of Tobacco Products is not permitted outside of any Companyowned or leased space, such as sidewalks, parking lots and areas adjacent to building
Smoking and the use of Tobacco Products in corporate vehicles is prohibited.
All employees, visitors, customers, contractors, temporary help, vendors or any other
non-employee must abide by this policy in areas under the ownership and/or control of
the Company.
Every manager is responsible for helping to administer this policy.
Non-compliant employees should be reported to Employee Relations.
Non-compliant non-employees, such as Company visitors and vendors, should be
reported to Security.
Employees who want to quit smoking or who otherwise need help to comply with this
policy through the working day should contact Employee Relations, the Employee
Assistance Program or Highmark's Worksite Wellness Program for information on
smoking cessation programs.
"Smoke-Free" signage will be clearly posted at all entrances and other appropriate areas
of Company owned and leased property.
Employees who violate this policy are subject to appropriate corrective action action up to and
including termination of employment. Non-employees who violate this policy will be prohibited
from working on or accessing Company premises.
There are no exceptions for this policy.
The lighted or electronic use of cigarettes, cigars and pipes.
Tobacco Product:
Cigarettes, electronic cigarettes, cigars, pipes, chewing tobacco, snus, or snuff.