FH-REF-EX67_Dr Haris(Veterinarian)

Dr. Haris Bin Ikram
627, Sector-C, Askari 10, Lahore, Pakistan.
Mob :
[email protected]
Aims & Objectives
Seeking a job as a senior veterinarian in a place where I can display my expertise in diagnosis & treatment
and also demonstrate and augment my surgical, managerial & stress handling skills. I have always been
known to promote a healthy working environment and also strive for continuous improvement.
2005 to 2010
University of Veterinary & Animal Sciences, Lahore
Doctor Of Veterinary Medicine (DVM)
2003 to 2005
The City School , Sialkot (A-Levels)
2000 to 2003
The City School, Sialkot (O-Levels)
CGPA: 3.19
4 Weeks (2012)
PTC + (Netherlands) Training of trainers’ course in Pakistan
1 Week (2012)
Certified trainer of Cow Signals
1 Week (2010)
Dr. Peter Younis (TVG Australia) Veterinary practices and management.
4 months (2010)
Farm manager (Internee) at Mian Umer Dairy Farm, Jallo Morr, Lahore.
Core Competencies
* People Management
* Nutrition
* Diagnosis & Treatment
* Herd Management
* Livestock Fattening
* Sales & Marketing
* Breeding
* Prevention
* Planning & execution
* Protocol development / implementation
* Surgery
2012-Present: Farm Consultant (Dairy & Fattening Projects)
Feasibility making & project viability.
Project designing.
Site selection and construction.
Animal selection.
HR selection & training.
Farm economics.
Farm nutrition.
Farm breeding and reproduction.
Daily farm health(vaccination schedules & preventive measurements).
May 2012-Present: Project Manager Due Process Dairies (pvt) Ltd.
Started a new project with 100 imported “jersey X Friesian” cows (aim 1000 + cows).
Site selection in accordance to fodder availability & market approach.
Farm designing & construction keeping profitability & future expansion in view.
Animal selection in accordance to Pakistan environment.
Farm HR structure & training schedules.
Farm disinfection, vaccination schedule planning & execution.
Dealing with animal health issues, diagnosis & treatment (occasional surgical intervention).
Animals nutrition planning in accordance to stage, status & milk production.
Farm breeding and reproduction planning.
Daily farm operations.
September 2010: September 2012: Asst. Herd Manager Sharif Dairy Farm Chiniot
Dairy Farm labor management and their training.
Dairy health management (vaccination, treatment and prevention).
Dairy Feeding management.
Dairy Disinfection and Hygiene management.
Dairy Breeding management.
Calf management.
Data management.
Major and minor surgeries.
Sept 2011-March 2012: Key Accounts Manager SOLVE AGRI PAK (pvt) ltd.
Training of professionals and farmers regarding Dairy farming (exotic breed/local breed) in
Solve Agri Dairy Institute
 Foreigners (Bangladeshi Vets)
 Local vets
 Local farmers
b) Consultancy in veterinary sector to dairy clients (exotic/local breed).
c) Consultancy in management issues to dairy clients (exotic/local breed).
Conducting seminars for farmer’s awareness & marketing.
Sales and marketing of Alltech int. products, CMR & Solve Agri feed.
Developing sales and marketing strategies.
Holding promotional seminars and training sessions to enhance sales.
2012-Present: Consultant Veterinary Doctor
Volunteer at Lahore Zoo & Private Wild Life Farms
 Weekly volunteer veterinary visits to Private Wild Life Farm of Present Prime Minister Of Pakistan
(Mian M. Nawaz Sharif) along with Lahore Zoo vet team.
 Main responsibilities include deworming, vaccination, treatments and disease management of wild
animals in captivity. Especially carnivores (Lions, Tigers, Leopard, Puma, Bears etc.)
 Blood and fecal sampling of all species in Lahore Zoo.
 Performed major and minor surgeries.
 Emphasized on isolation, identification and treatment of hemoparasites (blood parasite) in
 Breeding of wild animals, exotics, and all avian species.
Volunteer Work
1 Year Volunteer work at “Pets & Vets” Pets Clinic.
 Routine vaccinations.
 General checkup & treatment.
 Major & minor Surgeries.
 Record keeping
A small documentary on Cruelty against animals ( A part of University syllabi now)
 Domestic violence.
 Environmental hazards.
 Human created hazards.
 Steps to minimize & improve.
Consultancy to various Farms in Dairy and Fattening sector.
Veterinary medical Camps throughout Pakistan to spread good practices awareness
amongst Pet Owners & Farmers.
Veterinary medical consultation camps at different villages in Punjab.
Farmer consultation camps in Punjab with UVAS team.
Development & running of a successful commercial dairy (Due Process Dairy) from scratch.
Development of Several Dairy & Fattening farms throughout Pakistan.
Developing strategies to help counter heat stress issues in severe climatic conditions in milking cows.
Alltech products launch in small scale dairy sector in Pakistan.
Launch of Schills CMR all over Pakistan.
Developed & Implemented Farm Management SOP's for Large Scale Dairy Farms.
Conducted Seminars all over Punjab for farmer's awareness.
Introduced Vaccination & Disinfection protocols to small holders.
Extra Curricular
Listening to music.
Sports (Tennis, Golf, Soccer, Cricket, Table tennis, Swimming, Basketball).
Debates. Speeches, Literature. Traveling.
Dairy Club Pakistan.
Vets Care Club.
Vets Crescent society.
Computer Skills
Proficient in using
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Excel
Other latest software of concerned field
Microsoft PowerPoint
Urdu, English, Punjabi, Hindi
French, Arabic
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