Feature Paper Assignment

Feature Paper
(2 – 4 pages)
As we finish off our introduction unit on gender performance and role, you will be
writing a short feature paper, written for a general audience (think of people who
read the New York Times, The Buzzer, The New York Post, and The Enterprise) that
explores our guiding question:
To what extent do affirmative consent policies at America’s Universities
address the gender norms around sexual relations on campus? (Or put to
put it into dialectical terms: Does affirmative consent make sense? Is it
In answering this question, I want to see you keeping an objective tone through
most, if not all, of the feature. Your job is to bring the sources you have read to life,
paraphrasing, exemplifying, and thinking carefully how and when each source gets
to speak.
I expect to see in your paper:
- a powerful introduction that grabs the audience’s attention and makes a
case for why the topic is relevant.
- good clear definitions of important terminology
- paraphrase and work with multiple sources, a couple of which are
- some reference to your primary research interview
This paper will be due either next Friday or the Tuesday after, depending on how
flexible you want to be with our weekend homework policy. The only other
homework you will have is completing the academic article source paraphrase for
this Thursday. This paper will be the first grade of the second quarter!
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