New Materials for Road Coverings

BPG# 07/06
Project Title: New Materials for Road Coverings
PI: David Kuparadze
Organisation: Caucasian Institute of Mineral Resources
Company-partner: Georgian-Dutch JSC "Caucasus Road Project"
The objective of this project was to lead geological study of mountain breeds suitable for reception of rubble
for asphalt-concrete and granting of the concrete offers for introduction in the Company.
All share material about deposits which parameters first of all should be processed are given by the
Company. To select deposits an arrangement, stocks, industrial conditions of development, an infrastructure
etc. are optimal. Selected deposits should be anew reconnoitered, since the works on the majority of them
were not made last 25-40 years. Recalculation of stocks of deposits at a modern level. For what the
realization of general geological works is necessary and petrographic study of samples (is necessary for
taking into account, that the Company has certain requirements to a stone material). Geological samples of
the selected deposits should be investigated in various laboratories. It is necessary to lead the chemical and
mechanical-and-physical analyses. In result one suitable deposit will be selected. The Scientists Team will
calculate economic parameters of the selected deposit with the purpose of definition of profitability of