October Spelling Activities

October Spelling Activities
This week’s words
5. Write a sentence
using each spelling
6. Write each word in
bubble letters.
7. Make a set of
flashcards for studying
your words.
8. Write each of your
spelling words 3 times.
13. Write your words
forwards. Then write
them again backwards.
14. Find the worth of each
spelling word. Write each
spelling word and then add
up the value of each letter.
Consonants are worth 10
points and vowels are
worth 5 points.
15. Write your words in
alphabetical order.
This week’s words
12. Translate your
words into numbers
from a telephone
This week’s words
19. Write your
spelling words
replacing all vowels
with a line.
This week’s words
26. Draw a picture
to illustrate each
spelling word.
20. Write your spelling
words replacing all
consonants with a line.
27. Write your words by
adding one letter at a
time. The result will be a
pyramid shape of words.
21. Write your spelling
words using rainbow colors.
28. Draw ten pumpkins.
Write a spelling word in
each pumpkin.
22. Write each of your
spelling words 3 times.
29. Write your spelling words
with 2 different colors (use
BLACK for consonants and
ORANGE for vowels).
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