vector addition practice problems

Vector Practice Problems
1. Consider an airplane that normally has an air speed of 105 km/h flying in a 90 km/h crosswind
blowing from west to east. Calculate its ground velocity when its nose is pointed north in the
2. A dog pulls on a pillow with a force of 4.5 N at an angle of 32° above the horizontal. Find the x
and y components of the force.
3. Calculate the magnitude of the resultant of a pair of 78 km/h velocity vectors that are at right
angles to each other.
4. A person walks 34° north of east for 2.53 km. How far would another person walk due north and
due east to arrive at the same location?
5. A telescope pointed directly at the top of a distant flagpole makes an angle of 69° with the
ground. If the scope is low to the ground and 34 m from the base of the pole, how tall is the
Jeffy walks to the corner of the street to wait for the bus. He has displacement vectors of 12 m
@250, 11m @1550, 8 m @ -1550 and finally 24m @ 540. Find the resultant vector for the sum.
7. John walks at 1.3 m/s @ 150 N of E for 5 min. He then turns and travels at 0.8 m/s @ 150 E of N
for 10 min. before finally traveling at 0.6 m/s @ 550 W of S for 25 min. Determine his
displacement, average speed and average velocity.
138.293 km/[email protected] 3.8162 N 2.3846 N 110.309 km/h 1.4145 km N 2.0975 km E 88.573 m
26.8988 m @73.2240 0.85 m/s 509.014m @31.340 NofE 0.1697 m/s @31.340 NofE