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NAME: _____________________________________________________ PERIOD:___________ ASSIGN #:________
Visit the website to complete this handout.
The ______________ ______________ ____________-House Museum serves as a dynamic memorial to social
__________________ Jane __________________ the first _________________ _______________ to receive the
________________ _______________ ________________, and her colleagues whose work changed the lives of
their ________________ neighbors as well as national and international public policy. The Museum
preserves and develops the original Hull-House site for the interpretation and continuation of the
historic _________________________ house vision, linking ______________________, ___________________, and
____________________ engagement.
Founded in _____________ as a ______________ ________________, Hull-House played a vital role in
redefining American ______________________ in the modern age. Addams and the residents of HullHouse helped pass critical ___________________ (laws) and influenced public ________________ on public
______________ and ______________, free __________________, fair ________________ practices, ___________________’
rights, _________________ and public space, ____________, and philanthropy. Hull-House has long been a
center of _________________’s political and cultural life, establishing Chicago’s first public
______________________ and public __________ gallery, helping to ____________________ the Chicago Public
Schools, and influencing philanthropy and culture.
Social _____________________began in the _____________s in London in response to problems created by
___________________________, _____________________________, and ___________________________. The idea spread to
other industrialized countries. Settlement houses typically attracted ______________________, native
born, _______________-class and _______________-middle class women and men, known as “residents,” to
live (settle) in ________________ __________________ (City) neighborhoods. Some social settlements were
linked to religious institutions. Others, like Hull-House, were ________________. By 1900, the U.S. had
over _____________ settlement houses. By 1911, Chicago had 35.
In the 1890s, Hull-House was located in the midst of a densely populated urban neighborhood
peopled by _________________, _______________, ________________, _______________, Bohemian, and Russian and
Polish _______________ __________________. During the 1920s, __________________ Americans and
__________________began to put down roots in the neighborhood and joined the clubs and activities at
Hull-House. Jane Addams and the Hull-House residents provided ___________________ and ____________
______________ facilities for the children of _______________ mothers; an _____________________ bureau; an
______________ gallery; _____________________; _______________ and ___________________ classes; and
_________________, ___________________and _________ classes.
The residents of Hull-House formed an impressive group, including Jane ______________, Ellen Gates
Starr, __________________ _________________, Dr. Alice Hamilton, _____________________ _______________,
Sophonisba Breckinridge, and Grace and Edith Abbott. From their experiences in the Hull-House
neighborhood, the Hull-House residents and their supporters forged a powerful
_____________movement. Among the projects that they helped launch were the Immigrants'
Protective League, the Juvenile Protective Association, the first _______________________ court in the
nation, and a Juvenile Psychopathic Clinic (later called the Institute for Juvenile Research).
Through their efforts, the Illinois Legislature enacted protective legislation for women and
children in 1893. With the creation of the ____________________ ______________________ Bureau in 1912
and the passage of a _________________ ______________ ______________ law in 1916, the Hull-House
reformers saw their efforts expanded to the __________________ level.
NAME: _____________________________________________________ PERIOD:___________ ASSIGN #:________
Based on Information from the Hull House Museum website answer the questions below…
Who is the older woman on the left?______________________________________________________________________
What can you guess about the children? ___________________________________________________________________
What can you guess about the mothers of the children? _________________________________________________
What do you think is happening in this photograph? ____________________________________________________
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