Human Relations Practices at Solidarity Insurance

Recruiting and Hiring
Hiring employees is a true investment in our business. Once a person is hired, we will invest time and
money in training that individual in company practices and philosophy. We expect that we can trust that person to
represent our company fairly and honestly in all business transactions. Therefore, we go to great lengths to make
sure that we recruit and screen the most qualified candidates.
We use a variety of recruitment vehicles including: recommendations from managers, supervisors, and
current employees; employment agencies (both private and governmental); newspaper ads; and the Internet.
We ask each candidate to provide a current résumé. Once we have reviewed the résumés, we will call
qualified candidates in for a formal interview. Each candidate will fill out a company application and meet with a
member of our Human Resources staff. We will conduct background checks including checking references and
credentials on all candidates who have a successful interview. If all references check out, we will call the person
back for a second interview with the potential supervisor. If that second interview is successful, we will then make
the candidate a formal job offer. Health Connections is an equal opportunity employer and meets all of the
guidelines of the Federal legislation.
Employee Benefits
We offer the following benefits to all of our employees:
 Two weeks paid vacation
 Ten days sick leave
 Time off for jury duty
 Basic health insurance including major medical
 401K after three years on the job
 Stock options
 Tuition reimbursement plan
 Life insurance
Our benefits package is one of the most generous in the industry. We believe that our employees at Health
Connections are among the most highly paid and compensated workers in the health food industry. Our aim is to
keep our workforce happy so that we can reduce employee turnover.
Employee Morale
At Health Connections, we realize that happy employees are productive employees. We know morale can
affect our productivity, employee loyalty, employee turnover, and our bottom line. We, therefore, go out of our
way to make the working environment a good one.
We reward our employees for work well done. Each month we recognize an employee of the month. We
also have quarterly performance reviews and salary reviews every six months. We offer incentives for employees
who reach our projected goals each month.
We hold weekly seminars for employee representatives to meet and discuss issues relating to working
conditions. Supervisors have an open-door policy for handling complaints and we have a formal grievance
Training and Development
All newly hired employees at Health Connections are given two weeks of formal training designed to help
them learn the tasks they need to perform their jobs at the very highest level of efficiency. In addition, staff is
given information about our mission and philosophy of doing business. Each employee is a trusted member of the
Health Connections team. All team members are expected to meet specific goals which are formulated by the
entire team.
In addition to the initial training, we offer ongoing instruction in our state-of-the-art training facilities for
employees who are looking to improve their skills and their lives. Employees may register for these classes during
their lunch hour or after work. We offer a wide range of courses, which range from improving English and writing
skills, to computer instruction and management skills. In addition, we offer self-help classes in dealing with stress
or personal problems. Please check our Training Schedule for the classes we have available.