Petition for Residency for Tuition Purposes

Petition for Residency for Tuition Purposes
Directions: Please print clearly and answer each question. Students should complete all sections applicable to their particular
circumstances and attach copies of all requested documentation. The completed petition with appropriate documentation must be
submitted to the Office of the Registrar, West Wing, Knight Hall no later than 5:00 p.m. local time of the first day of classes for the
term for which reclassification is being requested, based off of the university’s academic calendar. New students must apply and be
accepted for admission before a residency petition will be reviewed. No decision made which grants tuition status will be retroactive
to a prior semester.
The student is solely responsible for providing documentation. Lack of documentation that the student was financially independent
or continually present in Wyoming for one full year preceding submission of the petition will imply that the student was not financially
independent or was living outside of Wyoming.
If the provided documentation is not dated at least one year prior to the date this petition was submitted, it will not be acceptable to
meet the relevant requirement of UW Regulation 8-1.
SECTION 1: General Information – Student
(1) Name (Last, First, Middle Initial):
(2) W#:
Date Received:
(3) Address:
Effective Semester:
(4) If you are financially dependent on a resident of the State of Wyoming, list their name and relationship to
Note: This person will need to complete the “Spouse/Guardian of Student Petitioning for Residency Tuition
Purposes” form, attach necessary documentation, and have that submitted at the same time as this petition.
(5) Phone Number:
(6) Age:
(7) UW Email Address:
If applicable, attach copy
of marriage certificate or
guardianship documents.
(8) Term and year for which you are seeking residency:
(9) Date of Birth:
(10) Name of Last High School Attended:
(10a) State:
(10b) Graduation Month/Year:
(11) Are you a U.S. citizen or permanent resident?
☐ Yes ☐ No
If you are a permanent
resident, attach copy of
permanent resident card.
(12) Are you an active Wyoming National Guard member or an active U.S. Armed Forces member stationed
in Wyoming, or a dependent of such person?
☐ Yes ☐ No
Note: If you are asking to be considered a resident based on the criteria for veterans as described in UW
Regulation 8-1 and 38 U.S.C. 3679(c)(2), please contact the Student Financial Aid office prior to completing
this petition to determine if the petition is necessary. (If you do not qualify under these regulations, you may
petition using this form.)
(13) If you attended a Wyoming Community College on a full-time basis for at least one semester (excluding
summer), were awarded resident tuition status by the Community College, and subsequently attended the
University of Wyoming for the first time within one year of leaving the Wyoming Community College,
provide an official transcript if one has not already been sent to the UW Admissions Office and provide a
copy of the letter from the respective office of the Community College indicating resident status at that
Community College.
If yes, attach
If applicable, attach an
official transcript from the
Wyoming Community
College and a copy of the
residency status
notification letter from
that college.
Dates/Terms of enrollment:
Term awarded resident tuition at that community college:
(14) If you are a legal dependent under the age of 24 of a Wyoming Community College graduate, have that
person provide an official transcript indicating the degree awarded from that Community College and
documentation of your legal dependency on that person.
If this is applicable, you
need not complete the
rest of this form.
Office of the Registrar January 2016 - 1
SECTION 2: (Financial Independence Information - required)
(15) You must provide documentation of financial independence and no reliance on resources outside
of the state of Wyoming for financial support for at least one year immediately preceding filing for
residency tuition. If you rely on your spouse for financial resources, they should complete the Spouse of
Student Petitioning for Residency for Tuition Purposes form, attach it and relevant documentation and
submit it along with this petition.
Previous year information
Personal employment earnings from previous year:
Please attach documentation
(e.g. paycheck stubs or
official IRS documents such
as tax transcripts, W2, or
(16) Current year information
If currently employed,
include letter from employer
Personal employment for current year:
indicating projected
employment period(s) and
projected hours of work per
period, along with current
pay rate.
Residing in Wyoming primarily as a student will not support a claim for resident status for tuition purposes, so the documented total
amount noted above will be used to determine whether you are financially independent of resources outside of the state of Wyoming for
tuition purposes, as required by UW Regulation 8-1(III)(B)(8)(d).
Depending on the amount of employment earnings, student may wish to prove financial independence from parents by providing the
following documents as well:
Emancipated Student document – must be signed by parents and notarized
Official IRS tax transcript for parents for each of the past two years. If parents are divorced or separated, official IRS tax transcripts
for each parent ought to be included.
Official IRS tax transcript for the student for each of the past two years.
SECTION 3: (Additional criteria in order to demonstrate a permanent home in Wyoming – provide as much as is appropriate)
(17) If you have abandoned any former home and cut all ties with your former state for at least one year immediately preceding the
filing of this petition, mark this box and proceed. ☐
(18) If you own a home in Wyoming, provide documentation that you have over 50% ownership interest, that it is the Attach relevant
owner’s primary residence, and that ownership has been dated at least one year immediately preceding filing for
residency tuition.
(19) Continual presence in Wyoming.
You will need to provide documents conclusively indicating that any former home has been abandoned, that you
have cut all ties with your former state for at least one year immediately preceding the date of this petition, and that
you have been continually present in Wyoming for one year immediately preceding the date of this petition.
Acceptable documents include, but are not limited to, the following:
Rental/lease agreements with the student’s name (only the pages showing dates, names, and signatures are
Attach relevant
Utility bills in the student’s name (e.g. electricity, cable, natural gas, water). If utilities are provided by the
rental/lease agreement, agreement must clearly indicate as much.
from list to the
Proof of employment (for the periods of time while not enrolled in non-online classes at UW, such as after
the fall semester and between the spring and fall semesters). Documentation should include:
 Paycheck stubs
 Signed letter of employment stating time period(s) of employment and minimum number of work
hours during those periods.
 If the student is not employed while not attending classes, other documentation must be provided,
which may include, but is not limited to, hospitalization records, public school records relating to
dependents, records relating to volunteer efforts, etc.
(20) Vehicle registration
Attach a copy
If you have a vehicle registered in Wyoming in your name alone, a copy of the vehicle registration should be provided. of vehicle
Office of the Registrar January 2016 - 2
(21) Federal income tax
If you filed federal income tax the previous year, an official IRS tax transcript should be provided as documentation. If
you have not yet filed federal income tax forms for the previous year, an official IRS transcript of the year
immediately preceding the previous year should be provided as documentation.
(22) Driver’s license
Do you have a valid State of Wyoming driver’s license or identification card?
☐ Yes ☐ No
(23) Voter registration
If you are registered to vote in Wyoming, a copy of your voter registration should be provided.
Attach official
IRS tax
Copies of
federal income
tax returns will
not be
accepted as
Attach a copy
of WY driver’s
license or
Attach copy of
Students should make a copy of their petition and included documentation
prior to submitting it to the Office of the Registrar.
The student submitting this petition must sign this section in the presence of a notary. This petition cannot be acted upon until
Print student’s name:
State of
County of
The undersigned person, being first duly sworn, deposes and says:
I hereby certify, under the penalty of perjury, that all statements herein and the information provided are true and correct, and the University of
Wyoming may rely on such statements and information. I fully understand that the University of Wyoming reserves the right to all available remedies
in the event such information is not true and correct, including but not limited to the recovery of all fees to which the University of Wyoming is legally
entitled, but which were not collected because of false information stated herein. I further understand that the University of Wyoming may take any
legal action necessary to recover any outstanding financial obligation. I fully understand that egregious acts of dishonesty on my part, such as
furnishing false information to university officials, will result in judicial sanctions as specified within the university’s “Student Code of Conduct.”
Signature of Student:
Subscribed and sworn to (or affirmed) before me this
day of
, 20
Notary Public:
My commission expires:
Office of the Registrar January 2016 - 3
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