Leaving Certificate Subject Choice Advice

Leaving Certificate – Advice for choosing subjects
Students should aim to choose a meaningful and manageable package of subjects, i.e. a set of
subjects which will give students a sense of direction, will provide self-motivation and is
Students must ultimately make 3 decisions:
1. The total number of subjects.
2. The actual subjects.
3. The levels at which each subject is taken.
Thought, planning, research and accurate information is a pre-requisite to making the above
Research online using www.qualifax.ie, www.cao.ie, and www.ucas.com will give students all
the information that they need.
It is advisable to also refer to the National Framework of Qualifications website www.nfq.ie. It
will help to clarify the difference between a level 6, level 7 and level 8 degree.
The following guidelines may help you and your daughter to make an informed decision.
1. Irish, English and Mathematics are considered core subjects. Students choose four other
2. Students should familiarise themselves with the range of subjects available, especially new
subject areas. Be aware of the differences in content and approach between Leaving and
Junior Cert. Subjects, e.g. History, Science.
3. The subjects we have available this year include:
Home Economics
4. What subject does your daughter find interesting?
Genuine interest is important in terms of motivation.
5. What subjects are students good at?
Chatting to teachers may help gauge students ability within subject areas but remember
attitude is as important as ability.
6. Are there subjects that complement each other? For example, there is an overlap between
Accounting and Business.
7. What career areas are of interest to the student?
8. Do students intend to attend Third Level or directly enter the workforce?
9. What subjects are essential for potential third level courses?
10. Do students have a definite career direction? If so, choose a combination of appropriate
subjects to enhance career prospects but beware of the cost of not doing a subject.
11. What should students do if they are unclear and wish to keep options as open as possible?
It may be advisable to choose subjects from different groups:
(a) Science:
Physics, Chemistry, Biology
(b) Applied Science:
Home Economics (Social and Scientific)
(c) Languages:
French, German
(d) Social Studies:
History, Geography, Music
(e) Business Studies:
Accounting, Business
The number of courses and jobs, which require specific subjects, are quite small but these
need to be researched.
If interested in a specific area check out the admission requirements in
the specific colleges.
admission to the college
admission to the specific courses.
N.B. As course requirements are constantly changing, it is important that students make
themselves familiar with college literature which is available in the Rockford Manor Careers
Guidance link on our website.