Writing project 3 Final Revisions

Ashley Williams accused former boyfriend Michael Davis of rape. The two dated on and off throughout
their first few years of college. After a night out at a party together, the two went back to Michael Davis'
house. Ashley is accusing him or raping her and Michael holds his ground that their sex was consensual.
Opening Statement (Defense): US v Michael Davis
Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. My name is Hannah Vazquez and I am representing the
defendant, Michael Davis.
Michael Davis is a 22 year old student at New Columbia University. He works at a local youth
center and helps the director of the athletics department to develop and run programs to keep kids off
the street. He started dating the plaintiff, Ashley Williams, during their freshman year. They were in love
and both admit to being sexually active. Everyone who knows them says they were inseparable and
good together.
When they broke up while Michael was in Chicago for a job, Ashley got very upset. She was
worried what would happen to them while Michael was hopeful for their future. They ended up
breaking up. Ashley made claims that Michael was seeing other girls while he was in Chicago and openly
admitted to being angry and hurt about it. Michel was simple making new friends in the city while he
lived there. Ashley became very demanding of Michael in this time and made comments about how if he
really wanted to be with her, he would make time and come up with the money. Michael could not do
this because he had to pay for both his Metropolitan apartment and the place in Chicago. Ashley’s poor
attitude is what eventually lead to the end of their relationship.
The two began dating again when they had class together the next year. Michael made sure not
to push her into things too quickly with Ashley. He didn’t want to make her feel uncomfortable. While
Ashley seemed very shy at first, she quickly began spending the night with Michael. The two only had
sex twice during this second attempt at a relationship: On Ashley’s birthday and on the night of
December 6. As you will see with the statements of Michael, Lee Streams, and Terry Washington, both
times were consensual.
The night of December 6, Ashley and Michael went to a party together. Both had a few beers.
Everything seemed to be going well until Ashley saw Michael talking to a girl in his economics class,
Jenny Jackson. Ashley was very upset by this and became very jealous. Terry Washington will explain
how Ashley seemed a little drunk and stumbled a bit. He had to catch her from falling down. He also
says that Ashley was jealous of this interaction between Michael and Jenny.
Things appeared fine to Michael when the two left the party. Ashley willingly went back to
Michael’s place as usual. The two went to his room and Ashley laid in his bed and Michael went to the
bathroom. When he came out they started fooling around and kissing. Ashley said no one or twice but
would giggle and kiss him back more. Ashley got off the bed and Michael flirtatiously pulled her back
and her shirt ripped a little in this process. Ashley responded with a kiss and returned to the bed where
the two kissed and this lead to consensual intercourse between the two.
After the two finished having sex, Ashley went to sit at his desk. She found a note from the girl
at the part, Jenny Jackson. The note said, “Honey, you are a great husband. See you tomorrow.” Michael
explains how this note is a joke between the two because they are husband and wife on an economics
project. Ashley became again, very jealous by this. She stormed out in her jealous rage without saying a
Michael later found out Ashley was accusing him of rape.
Ashley made up a story of rape after finding the note from Jenny Jackson. Ashley has been
jealous and saw this as an opportunity to get back at Michael for leaving her to go to Chicago. This is all
an emotionally driven accusation she made because of her jealousy and distrust of Michael.
The witnesses for the defense can support Michael’s statements. Lee Streams, a psychologist
Michael saw after the charges were brought up, says from the results of his tests and the two’s talks, he
sees Michael as a stable young man with a positive attitude towards sex. He says rape is a violent crime
and in no way is Michael a violent person.
Terry Washington, Michaels’ friend, says that these claims raised by Ashley don’t make sense.
The two acted like newlyweds.
The defense will prove Michael Davis’ innocence. He did not rape Ashley. She made this lie up in
a jealous rage. There is no hard evidence that Michael Davis forced himself on Ashley.
We hope you return with an innocent verdict.
Opening Statement (Prosecution): US v Michael Davis
Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. My name is Hannah Vazquez and I am representing
Ashley Williams.
Ashley Williams is a 21 year old senior and dated the defendant, Michael Davis. The two were
pretty serious for some time and both admit to being sexually active. He was the love of her life.
Between their freshman and sophomore year, the two were separated from each other. The
defendant got a job in Chicago and Ashley had planned on going but changed her mind when she was
offered a great job at home. The defendant didn’t like this one bit. He got jealous, thinking that she
would leave him and go out with other guys; this was not in her intentions at all. It is funny he wanted to
accuse her of being with other guys when in fact he was out was seeing other girls. When she called, he
liked to rub it in her face about all the partying he did and all the people he met. This was when he
decided to actually pick up. Actually, the defendant didn’t call Ashley once. Ashley was the one keeping
this relationship going but couldn’t take his partying ways anymore. This tore Ashley apart and lead to
their break up.
Ashley admits to still being in love with him after they broke up but wanted to be more
independent. She could not allow the relationship to go on that way.
The two had a class together their junior year and feelings came back. After the two talked, they
decided that it would be a good idea to give it a try again. Why not? Ashley knew she was in love. She
kept her distance emotionally and physically though; she knew she could not take another heart break.
She knows it appeared to the defendant’s roommate, Terry, that the two were sexually active. Michael
didn’t make it better. He would joke about it to Terry in the morning, insinuating that the two did have
sex. She couldn’t though; she wanted to take things slow this time.
She stayed at his apartment often but the two only had sex once, on her birthday. She says
things would get heated and she almost gave in but stopped herself. The defendant would always
persist and try to pressure her into it, but eventually he gave up and would back off. That is until the last
The night of December 6, 2007, the two went to a party. The two had a few beers. Neither were
drunk. Everything went pretty well that night. Ashley admits to not being happy about the defendant
spending time with Jenny Jackson, but it was nothing that she couldn’t shake off.
The two went back to his place where they began kissing. Ashley did enjoy it at first but soon
pulled away and said, “Please stop!” This angered the defendant. He told her to stop playing games with
him because the two have had sex before they should be able to do it again. Ashley again pushed him
away and said no. After her refusal, she tried to get out of bed but he grabbed her shirt and her arm and
pulled her back to the bed with so much force he ripped her shirt. He forced her down and twisted her
arms. He then pulled up Ashley’s skirt, pulled down her underwear, and forced her to have sex with him.
The man Ashley loved raped her. She didn’t want to say no because she was in love but she had
to and this made him so mad he forced it on her. Michael Davis raped Ashley Williams.
She left the apartment and went back to her room. She showered because she was disgusted
with what just happened and she was in shock. She cried herself to sleep that night. Her roommate Pat
even noticed how upset she was and the next day, Ashley told her what happened.
Rape is rape. It doesn’t matter that the two were dating. Once Ashley said no, the defendant
should have stopped, but he didn’t. He raped her and is now claiming she “enjoyed it”. It is a lie and a
cover-up for the terrible things he did to her, and that is why the jury should come back with a guilty