Polarization-Holographic Protection System

BPG# 01/06
Title: Polarization-Holographic Protection System
PI: Barbara Kilosanidze, George Kakauridze
Organisation: Institute of Cybernetics
The objective of this project is the development of industrial technology of
production of polarization-holographic system for protection of documents,
valuable papers and industrial products on the basis of laboratory samples
possessed by the Science Team
During the performance of the project the industrial technology of
reception of polarization-holographic protective elements working as
transmission elements is created, and also a pre-production model of
the identifying device for real time definition of authenticity of
protective elements is developed and obtained. The developed system
enables essentially to increase a level of protection of important
documents, securities and industrial products and also to reduce the
prime cost cost of protective elements and the identifying device.
The system is a functional prototype. However this system is transmission type system that is
inconvenient in some cases. More universal would be a system of reflective type which we will
develop in case of reception of any financing. In our opinion such system will be more required in
the local and global market including government organizations, banks and industrial enterprises.
Now PHSPD is patented and in case of reception of the patent we intend to license our technology
to manufacturers of holographic protection systems.
In the process of the preparation of materials for patenting we have thoroughly studied a situation on the
market of holographic protective systems. Besides during participation at the International Forum
HOLOEXPO-2006 (Russia, Moscow, 2006) a better understanding of the needs of the market of protective
technologies has been reached.
The product was presented at SPIE international exhibition in Strasbourg (France).