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Presentation Explores Kansas Connection to Russian Revolution
[Community Name] – [Organization Name] in [Community Name] will host “William
Allen White and the Russian Revolution,” a presentation and discussion by Norman
Saul on [Date] at [Time] at [Location and Address of Presentation]. Members of the
community are invited to attend the free program. Contact the [Host Organization
Name] at [Phone Number] for more information. The program is made possible by
the Kansas Humanities Council.
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William Allen White is best known as an outspoken newspaper editor during the
early 20th century. Less known, however, is his personal involvement in the global
issues of the day, especially major wars and revolutions. As a representative for the
American Red Cross, for instance, he went to Europe in 1917 to view the Western
Front and welcome the first of the American soldiers. This presentation will explore
White’s surprising interest in Russia and his diplomatic appointment at the Paris
peace conference to a special conference on Russia.
Norman Saul is an emeritus professor of Russian history at the University of Kansas.
The major focus of his research has been Russian-American relations, including his
interest in the Volga German and Mennonite emigration from Russia to the Great
"William Allen White reflected on the Russian Revolution that, quote, ‘Bolshevism is
the tyranny of the proletariat minority trying to overcome by sheer fiat or mandate
of faith the differences between men,’” said Saul. “White continued that they ‘have
their economic expression in wages, interests, profits, rents, and superintendence.’”
“William Allen White and the Russian Revolution” is part of the Kansas Humanities
Council’s Kansas Stories Speakers Bureau, featuring presentations and discussions
that examine our shared human experience—our innovations, culture, heritage, and
Page 2 – Presentation Explores Kansas Connection to Russian Revolution
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