Extreme Camping - Brittany Bridges

Extreme Camping
By: Brittany Bridges
There once were two girls named Alex and Jaylee.
Jaylee is sixteen and she baby sits for extra money.
Alex is seven and loves shopping. Jaylee is going to
take Alex on a fabulous camping trip.
As soon as they get there, they go in the camper
and put down their keys. They step outside and the
door shut and locked behind them. Directly after a
snow, hail and rain storm happens. Right there was
officially the most terrifying storm yet!! The wind
whipped rapidly across Jaylee and Alex’s faces.
Jaylee stammered, “I am sorry we got stuck in this
conquering storm, Alex.”
Alex didn’t answer. The girls start running to find
a mighty shelter but on their way the storm gets
worse. The wind whips harder and the hail, snow and
rain come down harder. The snow and hail is like an
attacking grizzly bear that is never going to stop.
Now the rain was starting to clear up, but the
Wind picks up again, gaining enough strength to almost
blow Alex away. During this time Alex would not stop
shouting and crying. She sobbed and screamed. Jaylee
finally found a shelter for them.
Jaylee whispered, “Alex come in here; it should
block us from the wind.”
They had trouble falling asleep because it was so
cold and they were worried someone or something could
have been in the cave too!! Since they were so
exhausted the girls eventually drifted off to sleep.
Jaylee woke up the next morning she was hungry.
So she woke up Alex and they went to look for food.
Alex had been wiping snow of the bushes to see if they
had fruit or berries on them but sadly she struck out.
She kept walking.
Alex announced, “Jaylee, I smell pickles. I think
there is some around here.”
Jaylee answered, “Are you crazy? I don’t smell
“Must just be the snow,” Alex moped.
Jaylee and Alex continued on walking. A while
after they found a raspberry bush so they stopped to
pick some. Just as they had picked lots of raspberries,
they looked up and spotted a bear!!! Jaylee darted one
way Alex sprinted a different way. Dashing through
the thick forest trees Jaylee and Alex met back up at
the lake and thought they lost the bear. Unexpectedly
through the bushes comes that humongous, hideous and
smelly bear. Once again he pursued after the girls.
Jaylee found the shelter she yelled, “Alex over
here I found the shelter.”
They dove in just in time. The girls were safe but
not too safe.
Alex cried, “When can we go home? I miss my
Jaylee replies, “I don’t know when we will get back,
but we will get back.”
Jaylee showed Alex how to make a fire with some
old girl scout lessons that she learnt. They got the
fire to work and it made them warm. They sat around
the fire and Alex started to get tired so Jaylee found
somewhere for her to sleep.
Jaylee whispered in her ear, “I will do all I can to
keep you safe.”
Both girls felt safe finally. Jaylee remembered a
poem that her mom used to read to her. She started
to say the poem and before it was done Alex was fast
asleep. Later Jaylee was ready for bed now she had
trouble getting to sleep so she just kept reciting the
poem in her head until she was fast asleep.
Jaylee and Alex slowly woke the next morning.
“Today we are going to have a better day.” Jaylee
told Alex.
The snow had melted a bit over night and the sun
was out. They decided to go hiking. Jaylee asked,
“Where do you want to go hiking Alex?”
Alex didn’t know and Jaylee didn’t either. It took
them so long to decide that it started to get dark
outside. So they just went down to the lake and
watched the sun go down.
“It’s beautiful” Alex exclaimed.
“Yeah it sure is” Jaylee replied
The girls headed back up to where their shelter
was. On their way they spotted a porcupine!! They
thought he was going to be friendly so they went a
little closer and next thing you know his spikes stick
up!! The girls run for their lives they didn’t get hurt
but they were darn close. Jaylee and Alex kept on
moving they got back to their shelter and started to
dose off as they were sitting by the fire. Finally in the
quiet still night they fell fast asleep.
Early the next morning they went searching for
food but they didn’t go near the berries they went to
the lake. Jaylee
and Alex found
some old string and
two hooks and tied
the hook to the
string and the
string to a piece of
wood. Jaylee
caught a fish that
was a fair size for her. Alex caught the perfect size
for her!! They cooked the fish up over the fire it was a
little difficult with the first fish. They burnt that one
and sadly it was Alex’s fish. Next both of them tried
really hard on Jaylee’s and hers turned out really
great. The girls had the same thing for lunch and
supper getting real food in them tasted well.
They continued on with their day they went hiking
in the bushes, sightseeing down by the lake, swimming
and they even tried to play horse shoes with sticks and
their shoes.
It was starting to get late so they decided to get
ready for bed and they got in to their spots and went
to sleep with no doubt in their minds.
The next day they again went hiking but this time
they went a bit farther than they did last time. They
ended up heading back to Detroit where they came
from. They just walked to the outskirts of Detroit!!
Jaylee shrieked “were in Detroit. We are back home!”
Alex hugged Jaylee. They started to venture
home and they were so excited to see Alex’s parents
and Jaylee’s grandma they ended up running home.
They got there and both Jaylee’s grandma and Alex’s
parents were at Jaylee’s house. Jaylee and Alex hugged
their parents and grandma and were glad they were
safe back at home!!
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