The Land Of Stories The Wishing Spell

Casey Sury age 9
“The Land Of Stories the Wishing Spell”
By Chris Colfer
“Ahhhhhhhhh!” Conner screamed. He wasn’t in his sister’s room. He was falling.
All Alex and Conner want is to go to the land they had read about when they were
younger- a book called “The Land Of Stories” this ‘wish’ comes true when they find
themselves falling. Surprising, they fall into this land. Unfortunately, SOMEONE
has escaped Snow White’s jail. Now, Alex and Conner are on a search for this
SOMEONE in a ‘foreign land’. Will they find this SOMEONE?
This book is an intriguing action-adventure story that includes many fairytales.
Accompanied by Alex and Conner, you will feel like you have taken an amazing trip
to a beautiful, exciting world. Every time you turn the page, you are on the edge of
your seat, waiting for the magic that appears right in front of Conner, Alex, and
yourself. Guess what?! I can’t tell you until you visit with the Big Bad Wolf’s
offspring. You meet the Charming Brothers, and you have to wait ‘till the end of the
book, for the surprise. But, don’t read yet! I still have lots more to tell you. Like, the
action in this book is totally the! You have to run away from the Big Bad
Wolf’s team! Oh, oh, I have to tell you this! I was just at the twin’s house, and Alex
told me that the book she got for her birthday was buzzing! (That was part of the
Please, stay just a bit longer! But only stay if you are under 14 because: I recommend
this book to kids ages 9 to 13. You would epically like this book if you are into
fiction, or if you are a fan of classic fairytales (which, of course, I am).
So, if you are looking for a fun twist on fairytales, and are willing to take the ride of
your life, hop in!
Ok, did you read it? If you didn’t then go do it and come back later. If you did, go to
the next page over and read the note!
Wow, wasn’t that an awesome book? Seriously, go tell your friends to
read it! Now, go read the rest of the series! Thank you so much! We’ll
talk later.
-Casey Sury