Dear Bob,

February 2014
Dear Friends of USC and the Trojan League of Los Angeles,
The USC Trojan League of Los Angeles is one of the oldest women's support
groups for the University of Southern California. Since its founding in 1958, the USC
Trojan League of Los Angeles has been dedicated to promoting the University of
Southern California. Its members are all proud USC Alumnae, whose support can be
measured in volunteer hours as well as financial contributions. The League funds
scholarships for well deserving students, capital improvements and USC recruitment
programs to educate and interest newly admitted high school students to attend USC.
Each year the League sponsors a Benefit showcasing a department, school,
program, or an individual of renown at the University. The funds raised by this event help
to underwrite our programs. This year we are featuring the largest, oldest and most
diverse USC School: the USC Dana and David Dornsife College of Letters, Arts, and
Sciences. We intend to use your donation at our live auction to generate additional funds
for our programs.
The Annual Benefit has been successful because of the continuous and generous
support of businesses like yours. Donations are tax deductible under tax identification
number 95-1642394.We hope we can count on your support.
Thank you again for your generosity.
Fight On!
Kathleen A. Campos
Silent Auction Chairman
[email protected]
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