Methadone survey results

The methadone survey was commissioned by the Joint Commissioning Group (JCG) after a discussion with service user representatives, the survey was
to clarify a statement by SURF reps attending the meeting, surf reps informed commissioners that people who were given methadone in glass bottles
and had breakages, were buying replacement methadone on the street through dealers because they believed they would not get the methadone
replaced by the treatment service.
This survey was carried out in a variety of locations including Clearways clinics, Myplace and Lifeline Milton House
41% of those questioned picked up their prescription weekly, 59% daily or 3 times per week
42% of those surveyed picked up methadone in a glass bottle, 26% picked up methadone in a plastic bottle, 32% of those surveyed did not answer the
Of those surveyed 35% said they had broken their methadone prescription bottle before, 50% said they had not and 15% did not answer the question
Did you report breaking the bottle to Clearways or the Chemist, 24% said they reported it, 44% did not report it and 32% did not answer the question
Asked what was the outcome of reporting to Clearways or the Chemist resulted in answers of:
Will have to wait for next script * 5, Told it was your own fault, No medication, No keyworker available, A load of questions and no meth, Nothing,
Licked it up off the floor, Replace it in other ways.
62% did not answer the question
What would stop you reporting a broken bottle? 68% answered this question resulting in answers of:
Having to chase up a new script and not getting one, not being believed, nothing being done, drink, they don’t do anything, wouldn’t get any so no
point, too many questions – wouldn’t believe me, no point, would not report it again would not get another script, fear of It being reported to police,
not getting any till next script, wouldn’t get any, never report it again, not be able to get any more, friend told me I’d be taken off my script, in case I
had to go on daily meth, because wouldn’t get anymore anyway, not be able to get anymore, nothing done would be a waste of time, would not get
anymore, nowt, nothing ever happens you don’t get any help – I was prepared to have a urine test to prove I hadn’t sold it.
What would you do for the week if you had broken your methadone bottle? 76% answered this question:
61% of those who answered said they would buy methadone of the street
38% of those who answered said they would go back to using drugs
1% said they would report it.
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