Fifth Grade Forecasters

Fifth Grade Forecasters
News in Fifth Grade at Santan Elementary
Week of September 5 - 16
Specials Schedule for this week…
Important Dates
Sept. 5
Labor Day - No School
Sept. 9
Grandparent’s Day
Sept. 12
Explorer Reports Due
Sept. 28
1\2 Day Parent Teacher Conferences – Report Cards
Sept. 29
1\2 Day Parent Teacher Conferences – Report Cards
Sept. 12th
Day 6
Sept. 6th Day 2
Sept. 13th Day 1
Sept. 7th Day 3
Sept. 14th Day 2
Sept. 8th Day 4
Sept. 15th Day 3
Sept. 9th Day 5
Sept. 16th Day 4
Oct. 3 – 14 Fall Break
By: Deirdre
This week we have been working on Pre-Algebra. We
Science Projects
This year’s science projects were awesome! There was the Chemical Properties
project, the Build an Instant Balance project, Work and Weight project, and more.
Which was Your Favorite project? Now here are some questions to see how much
you learned!!!
have been working on equations such as 45 is n% of 365,
n is 60% of 627, and 56 of 60% is n. We have been having
a lot of fun with this. We also just finished PEMDAS.
PEMDAS stands for Parentheses, Exponents,
Multiplication, Division, Addition, and Subtraction. We
1. What was Newton’s First law?
also are working on fractions. We are simplifying
A. An object can’t move without force.
B. If there was no friction an object can’t stop.
fractions, turning mixed numbers improper and vice versa.
C. When there is force there is always a reaction force.
By: Adian
D. None of the above.
Now for some True or False
___ 1. Everything is made from atoms
___ 2. Newton discovered the Laws of Motion
This month we are learning about the Pilgrims and the trade
___ 3. Newton’s third law is about magnetism and gravity
___ 4. Gravity is less on the Moon
routes from North America to Europe. We are also creating
Now here are some fun projects to do with family or friends:
What’s the Speed? (Pg. 147)
Mystery Boxes. (Pg. 77)
Shining Pennies? (Pg. 99)
Momentum Crash Test. (Pg. 153)
By: Sakan
explorer reports (such as Spanish explorers like Hernando
Cortes or John Cabot). Projects are due on 9-12-11. We are
also learning about French, Spanish, Dutch, and English
colonists and how they lived in North America.
Ever read a book with no ending, and it’s your job to finish the
spectacular book? At the end of The Girl Who Owned a
City, Lisa is celebrates after defeating Tom and gaining
control of Glenbard again. What happens after this is our
Who founded the colony of Jamestown?
A. John Smith
B. John White
2. Why did the French and the Dutch settle in North
choice. Will the plague strike again? Will the Chicago Army
A. For control of trade routes in North America
attack Glenbard, and if they do, WHO WILL WIN????
B. To find riches for their country
By: James
By: Christian
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