Dear Student, GRADUATION CEREMONY – Friday 17 JULY 2015 I

Dear Student,
I am delighted to invite you to attend the Waltham Forest College Annual Graduation
Ceremony, to be held on Friday 17th July, at Walthamstow Assembly Hall, Forest Road,
E17 4JF (next door to the College).
You may bring up to two guests although it is important to note that they must be aged
7 or over. Please do not bring younger children.
Please confirm your attendance by Monday 22nd of June 2015, at the latest, if you plan
to attend and if you have invited any guests. You can do this by returning the enclosed
Confirmation Slip duly completed.
The dress code is “smart” which means that no jeans or trainers are allowed for those
participating in the Graduation Ceremony. In past years many students have taken the
opportunity to dress-up for the occasion.
Your qualification entitles you to wear Graduation robes (cap and gown). The cost to hire
your graduation robes is £34 (online discounted price) and optional official photography
starts at £34 including postage and packaging. If you would like to wear Graduation
robes or book an official photograph, you will need to book on line directly with Ede &
Ravenscroft and this must be done no later than Friday 26th June 2015. If you book on
line, your gowns will be delivered directly to the College in time for the ceremony.
Please collect a leaflet for on line booking details from Andrew or Tracey in the
Administration Office (213) or visit
You can obtain your graduation robes from 1.00pm on Friday 17 July from the Assembly
Please ensure that your guests know that they need to arrive from 2.30pm and well in
advance of 2.50pm. The ceremony will start promptly at 3.00pm which means that
there will be no entry for any latecomers. This is regrettable but is necessary in order to
avoid any disruption for those who have arrived on time.
Attendance at the Graduation Ceremony is free but admission requires a ticket which
will be distributed by your Course Tutor to you as soon as practicable.
Paul Butler, the Chair of the Corporation (Governing Body), Penny Wycherley, the
Principal, and the staff at the College very much look forward to seeing you at the
Graduation Ceremony and hope that your family and friends have an enjoyable evening
celebrating the successful completion of your course.
Yours sincerely,
Ronan Conway,
Learning Manager,
Higher Education & Access (Business)
Name of student: _______________________________________________________
Course: _______________________________________________________________
Please tick one of these three statements:
I will be attending the Graduation Ceremony and intend to wear a gown
I will be attending the Graduation Ceremony but DO NOT intend to wear a gown
I would like _______ (please state one or two) tickets for family and friends and I
confirm that they are aged 7 or over.
I will NOT be attending the Graduation Ceremony
I will ensure that my family and friends arrive between 2.30pm and 2.50pm, in order to
be seated by 3.00pm. I understand that anyone arriving later than 3.00pm will not be
able to gain admission to the Graduation Ceremony.
Signed __________________________________ Date ________________________
Please return to Andrew or Tracey in the Administration Office (213) by Monday 22nd
June 2015 at the very latest.
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