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YWB Turkey
Health Care System
Deadline February 8, 2014
1. Health Care System in your country
 Are you pleased with your country’s health care system?
 If not,why?
 How many private hospitals are there in your country/in your city?
 How many public hospitals are there in your country/ in your city?
 How many medical staff (doctors,nurses,dentists etc.) are there in
country/in your city in 2013?
 Which branches of medicine have unemployed graduates?
 Which branches of medicine are the most popular ones in your country in
 Do all people have health insurance?
 If they do, what kind of medical costs does it include?
 How many of them have public insurance?
 How many of them have private insurance?
 Do you have in your school
a) first aid kit
c) a nurse
b) infirmary
d) dietician
YWB Turkey
Health Care System in your country
We have to wait for a long time to get special treatments like planned
surgeries covered by the state. The country doesn’t pay for treatments like
lung transplantation;
No information (a number)
In Latvia- 42 hospitals,
In our city- 1 hospital;
Medical staff in the ountry-17,969
In our city-260
Almost every branch has unemployed graduates;
Dentistry, nurses, cardiology
It depends on the insurance. You can choose from different kinds of
insurance, and each of themoffers different things.
Insurance is a paid service, but in some cases employees are insured by
their employers, for example those who work in professions like
firefighters or construction workers.
12. a) yes
b) no
c) yes
d) no
YWB Turkey
Doing sports for a healthy life
What kind of sports do you do in your daily life?
What kind of sports don’t you do your school?
How long and how often do you do sports?
How do you go to your school? (by car, by bus , on foot etc.)
What’s the percentage of the people doing sports in your country/city to stay
Our class results (20 students)
2.1 Wolleyball, basketball, swimming, table tennis, football, cycling, athletics,
florball, kickbox, dancing, hockey, BMX;
2.2 Hockey, handball, curling, golf, baseball, lacrosse, water sports;
2.3 Time period – 1 week
YWB Turkey
Students have to do sport at sports lessons, usually twice a week, each lesson 40
min long.
YWB Turkey
Eating habits for a healthy life
What’s the most important meal in a day in your daily life?
What kind of food do you eat at breakfast?
How often do you eat out?
What kind of food do you prefer eating out?
Does your government do anything to lead young people eat healthy food?
What kind of food are sold in your school canteen?
Which one do you prefer?
Fast food
b) Healthy snacks
Results from our class (20 students)
YWB Turkey
3.2 For breakfast, our students usually have: sandwiches, baked eggs, omelet, cereal,
fruit, salad, yoghurt, tea, coffee.
3.4 Our students prefer: fried potatoes, meat, salad, ice-cream, rice, fish, chicken,
3.5 Yes, for example, in our schools you can’t buy crisps, and sodas.
3.6 Soups, potato, rice, different kind of meat, drinks like juice, deserts, sweets.
YWB Turkey
YWB Turkey
Alternative Medicine
What do you think about alternative medicine?
Do you have any instutitions or places that treat people by medicinal herbs?
Is alternative medicine recommended in your country?
Do people in your country believe in alternative medicine?
If your answer is yes,what kind of herbs do they use? (herbaltea,traditional herbs
Can you name any treatment methods (modalities) used in alternative medicine?
1. We think that alternative medicine is good for people who don’t trust traditional
medicine. In most cases this medicine helps if you have mental diseases.
2. Most of the people use herbs at home not at special places.
3. Yes, doctors recommend using herbs in situations like colds. Many people collect
them in summer for teas. Alternative medicine includes yoga and different kind of
Most people believeit, they give their knowledge to the next generations. We can also
find a lot of books on herbal medicine.
4. The most popular herbs in Latvia are mint, chamomile and nettle.
5. Music, art therapies, yoga, aromatherapy, homeopathy.
YWB Turkey
I Can Easily Find Organic Food at Supermarkets and Groceries
It is no secret that organic food is an important factor in order to stay healthy and
fit. However, nowadays it becomes increasingly difficult to find truly organic food. At
supermarkets you can find products which have good eco-like packaging. It helps to
recognize organic food.
Although it is a major issue, in my opinion you still can find organic food if you
make a little research. For example, just by looking at the label you can determine how
healthy the food is. If the food is truly organic, you will not see ingredients whose names
are hard to pronounce.
Also, here in Madona, Latvia we have local farmers selling naturally grown
vegetables and fruit in small markets. Every autumn we have a trade fair where farmers
sell truly great meat produce. The quality is good and you can see the effort put into it in
order to provide us with quality and healthy organic food. In the summer and autumn
period it’s easy to find organic food at supermarkets like vegetables, fruit, eggs and meat,
but in winter it’s a little bit more complicated.
To sum up, you can find organic food more easily if you skip the supermarkets
and purchase the food directly from local small farmers.
YWB Turkey
I can do a wide variety of sports at my school to stay
There are various reasons why sport is so important in our lives. Not only makes it
us feel good, but it also makes us strong and healthy. At sport you can express yourself,
develop your coordination. Sport is more than a hobby, it’s a lifestyle. Our school offers
different sports like skiing, athletics, basketball, and many other.
In our school -Madona State Gymnasia- sport is at good level. There are 3 sport
lessons per week, each- 40 minutes long. Every season we do different kinds of sport, for
example in autumn we usually do athletics or basketball at the sports centre. In winter we
ski, or skate. When the weather becomes warmer, we do athletic outside. But that’s not
the only sports we do, we also dofootball, floor ball and aerobics.
The most popular sports at our school are athletics and skiing, because there are a
lot of more opportunities to do it in our home town- Madona than any other sport. For
example- Madona has a really good biathlon track ‘’Smecere”. This track is one of the
best in Europe. A lot of important competitions take place in this track like the
‘’Scandinavian cup”.
Sport is important in every person’s life. It helps us to stay healthy and fit.
Although Madona is a small town, we have great opportunities to improve ourselves in
YWB Turkey
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