For each word, make a note card with the word on

LA 3 AP Vocabulary List
For each word, make a note card with the word on one side and the (1)definition (2)synonym (3)antonym
and (4)part of speech on the reverse side.
List #1
1. Abhor (V)- to loathe or detest
2. Comprehensive (ADJ)- including everything; complete
3. Debunk (V)- to expose the falseness
4. Detriment(N)- something that causes damage, harm, or loss
5. Dexterous(ADJ)- skillful in using the hands or body
6. Discretion(N)- good judgment or tact in actions or speaking
7. Elusive(ADJ)- cleverly avoiding or escaping
8. Facetious(ADJ)- humorous; playfully joking
9. Fluid(ADJ)- capable of flowing; changing readily, as a plan
10. Ghastly(ADJ)- shockingly frightful
11. Gregarious(ADJ)- sociable; enjoying and seeking the company of others
12. Hiatus(N)- a break or lapse in continuity
13. Implausible(ADJ)- not possible; not imaginable
14. Jargon(N)- words used by a people in a particular field of work
15. Optimum(ADJ)- best possible; most favorable; most desirable
16. Ostentatious(ADJ)- meant to impress others; flashy
17. Scrupulous(ADJ)- careful about moral standards; conscientious
18. Sensory(ADJ)- having to do with seeing, hearing, feeling, tasting, or smelling
19. Suppleness(N)- the ability to bend easily; limberness
20. Vicarious(ADJ)- experienced through the imagination; not experienced directly
For each word, make a note card with the word on one side and the (1)definition (2)synonym (3)antonym
and (4)part of speech on the reverse side.
List #2
1. Abridge (V)- to shorten
2. Condemn(V)- to express strong disapproval of
3. Despondent(ADJ)- downhearted; hopeless; overwhelmed with sadness
4. Erratic(ADJ)- unpredictably eccentric
5. Impudence(N)- bold disrespect or rudeness
6. Instigate(V)- to bring about by moving others to action; to stir up
7. Lamentation(N)- an expression of sorrow or deep regret
8. Magnate(N)- a person of great influence in a particular field
9. Purgation(N)- the process of getting rid of impurities
10. Resilient(ADJ)- able to recover quickly from harm, illness, or misfortune
11. Retrospect(N)- a review of the past; a consideration of past events
12. Rudimentary(ADJ)- fundamental; something one must learn at the beginning
13. Scoff(V)- to make fun of; mock; refuse to take seriously
14. Squelch(V)- to silence or suppress; to crush
15. Transcendent(ADJ)- going beyond known limits
16. Witty(ADJ)- clever or amusing
17. Wry(ADJ)- dryly humorous
18. Vanquish(V)- to overpower an enemy completely
19. Venerate(V)- to respect deeply; to revere
20. Zealot(N)- a person totally devoted to a purpose or cause
For each word, make a note card with the word on one side and the (1)definition (2)synonym (3)antonym
and (4)part of speech on the reverse side.
List #3
1. Abstemious(ADJ)- sparing in the use of food or drink
2. Ambiguous(ADJ)- able to be interpreted in more than one way; unclear
3. Conflagration(N)- a widespread fire
4. Deliberate(V)-to consider carefully
5. Dissident(N)- a person opposed to authority; a rebel
6. Embellish(V)- to decorate or make beautiful
7. Esoteric(ADJ)- known only by a select few
8. Fritter(V)- to spend or waste away slowly
9. Inane(ADJ)- without sense or meaning; foolish
10. Inaudible(ADJ)- too quiet to be heard
11. Inadvertent(ADJ)- unintentional; accidental
12. Juxtapose(V)- to place close together, especially side by side
13. Lampoon(V)- to sharply satirize or criticize
14. Lethargy(N)-a great lack of energy; inactivity; laziness
15. Marred(ADJ)- impaired the perfection of
16. Negate(V)- to destroy the validity of
17. Obliterate(V)- to wipe out; to remove all trace
18. Sporadic(ADJ)- happening now and then; occasional
19. Subsidize(V)- to support financially
20. Vital(ADJ) - full of energy; necessary for life
For each word, make a note card with the word on one side and the (1)definition (2)synonym (3)antonym
and (4)part of speech on the reverse side.
List #4
1. Aesthetic(ADJ)- pertaining to beauty
2. Berate(V)- to criticize or scold harshly
3. Conformity(N)- the act of becoming similar or identical
4. Detrimental(ADJ)- causing damage or harm
5. Estrange(V)- to make unsympathetic or unfriendly; to alienate
6. Exacerbate(V)- to make worse
7. Euphoric(ADJ)- overjoyed; having an intense feeling of well-being
8. Hoard(V)- to accumulate or stash away
9. Impetuous(ADJ)- done or acting in a hurry, with little thought; impulsive
10. Incorrigible(ADJ)- not capable of being reformed
11. Infallible(ADJ)- not capable of error or failure; unable to make a mistake
12. Levity(N)- lightness; lacking seriousness
13. Maudlin(ADJ)- tearfully sentimental; overly emotional
14. Meager(ADJ)- lacking in amount or quality; poor
15. Novel(ADJ)- original; new; different
16. Obscure(ADJ)- not known; difficult to understand
17. Regress(V)- to return to an earlier, generally worse, condition or behavior
18. Relinquish(V)- to surrender something; to give something up
19. Ubiquitous(ADJ)- existing or seeming to exist everywhere at the same time
20. Zenith(N)- the highest point or condition; the peak
For each word, make a note card with the word on one side and the (1)definition (2)synonym (3)antonym
and (4)part of speech on the reverse side.
List #5
1. Charlatan(N)- a fake; a person who falsely claims to have some special skill
2. Conventional(ADJ)- traditional; mundane; unoriginal
3. Corroborate(V)- to support; strengthen with further evidence; to provide proof of
4. Disseminate(V)- to spread or scatter widely; to pass out or distribute
5. Diverge(V)- to branch off in different directions; to become different
6. Dormant(ADJ)- alive but not growing as if asleep
7. Divergent(ADJ)- moving in different directions from a common point
8. Exemplary(ADJ)- serving as an example; commendable
9. Hoist(V)- to lift, especially with a mechanical means
10. Illicit(ADJ)- illegal; not lawful
11. Indecision(N)- inability to decide
12. Irrevocable(ADJ)- not able to be cancelled or undone
13. Lofty(ADJ)- having great height or stately manner
14. Mediocrity(N)- ordinariness; lack of distinction
15. Novice(N)- a person who is new at something
16. Obsessive(ADJ)- overly preoccupied
17. Paradox(N)- something that seems to contradict itself but is nonetheless true
18. Precipitate(V)- to cause to happen quickly, suddenly, or sooner than expected
19. Proliferation(N)- a rapid spread or increase
20. Wily(ADJ)- artful, cunning, deceitful
For each word, make a note card with the word on one side and the (1)definition (2)synonym (3)antonym
and (4)part of speech on the reverse side.
List #6
1. Ambiguous(ADJ)- unclear; having more than one meaning
2. Cynicism(N)- the belief that all human action is motivated by selfishness
3. Diversity(N)- the state of being different or having different elements
4. Equivocate(V)- to be deliberately vague in order to mislead
5. Exploit(V)- to take advantage; to use selfishly for one’s own ends
6. Fortuitous(ADJ)- happening by chance, by accident, or at random: lucky
7. Impeccable(ADJ)- faultless; perfect
8. Indelible(ADJ)- incapable of being erased
9. Liaison(N)- a person who serves as a connection between two individuals or groups
10. Lurid(ADJ)- gruesome; melodramatic, shocking
11. Methodical(ADJ)- orderly; having a set system
12. Nullify(V)- to make invalid or worthless
13. Objective(ADJ)- not affected by personal feelings
14. Predisposed(ADJ)- a natural preference or tendency
15. Propensity(N)- tending toward or open to something beforehand
16. Quarry(N)- a large open pit from which stone is cut
17. Reprehensible(ADJ)- deserving of blame, criticism, or disapproval
18. Sham(N)- a pretense or counterfeit: something meant to deceive
19. Solace(N)- comfort in sorrow or misfortune: consolation
20. Solicitous(ADJ)- showing or expressing concern, care, or attention
For each word, make a note card with the word on one side and the (1)definition (2)synonym (3)antonym
and (4)part of speech on the reverse side.
List #7
1. Amorphous(ADJ)- having no shape
2. Attrition(N)- a gradual natural decrease in number; becoming fewer in number
3. Circumvent(V)- to avoid by going around
4. Cohesive(ADJ)- sticking or holding together; unified
5. Dupe(N)- a person easily deceived
6. Extraneous(ADJ)- not pertinent or relevant
7. Grievous(ADJ)- causing grief or pain; very serious or severe
8. Indifference(N)- lack of interest, feelings, or opinion
9. Inundate(V)- to cover, as by flooding; overwhelm with a large number or amount
10. Meticulous(ADJ)- very careful and attentive to detail
11. Oblivious(ADJ)- unaware; failing to notice
12. Obsolete(ADJ)- outdated
13. Pastiche(N)- a piece of art, music or writing that combines several different sources or styles
14. Quibble(V)- to make a minor objection
15. Raconteur(N)- skilled storyteller
16. Reticent(ADJ)- quiet or uncommunicative; reluctant to speak out
17. Robust(ADJ)- healthy and strong; vigorous
18. Sanctuary(N)- a safe place or room for worship
19. Tranquility(N)- calmness, peacefulness
20. Vociferous(ADJ)- noisy; expressing feelings loudly and intensely
For each word, make a note card with the word on one side and the (1)definition (2)synonym (3)antonym
and (4)part of speech on the reverse side.
List #8
1. Antidote(N)- remedy for a poison
2. Bolster(V)- to hold up, strengthen, or reinforce; support with a rigid object
3. Depreciate(V)- to fall or decrease in value or price; to lower the value of
4. Indiscriminate(ADJ)- not chosen carefully; not based on careful selection
5. Indomitable(ADJ)- unable to be subdued or overcome
6. Inquisitive(ADJ)- curious; eager to learn
7. Migrate(V)- to move from one place to another
8. Nebulous(ADJ)- vague; unclear
9. Ominous(ADJ)- signaling something evil is about to happen
10. Parochial(ADJ)- having a narrow scope
11. Rebuttal(N)- a reply to a criticism or challenge
12. Relegate(V)- to assign to a less important or less satisfying position, place, or condition
13. Replete(V)- plentifully supplied; well-filled
14. Sanction(V)- to give permission; to issue a measure designed to make a person or people comply
15. Sedentary(ADJ)- marked by much sitting; requiring to taking little effort
16. Tacit(ADJ)- implied, not stated outright
17. Tenet(N)- a belief or principle held to be true by an individual or group
18. Terse(ADJ)- brief and clear; effectively concise
19. Unbiased(ADJ)- without prejudice
20. Vacillation(N)- wavering; going back and forth
For each word, make a note card with the word on one side and the (1)definition (2)synonym (3)antonym
and (4)part of speech on the reverse side.
List #9
1. Apathy(N)- lack of interest or caring
2. Autonomy(N)- independence; self-government
3. Bureaucratic(ADJ)- insisting on strict rules and routine, often to the point of hindering effectiveness
4. Infallible(ADJ)- unable to be proven wrong
5. Inferred(ADJ)- concluded by reasoning
6. Mandate(N)- a group’s expressed wishes; clear signal to act; vote of confidence
7. Miser(N)- one who saves something greedily
8. Mitigate(V)- to make less severe
9. Omniscient(ADJ)- having complete knowledge of
10. Ostracize(V)- to expel or exclude from a group
11. Patent(ADJ)- obvious, readily available
12. Paucity(N)- small amount or number
13. Raucous(ADJ)- noisy and disorderly; boisterous
14. Recant(V)- to take back
15. Recluse(N)- someone who lives in seclusion
16. Recourse(N)- a source of help, security, or strength; something to turn to
17. Reiterate(V)- to state again or repeatedly
18. Tantamount(ADJ)- equal in effect or value; the same as
19. Tenacious(ADJ)- holding firmly; persistent; stubborn
20. Utopia(N)- an ideal or perfect place or state; social or political perfection
For each word, make a note card with the word on one side and the (1)definition (2)synonym (3)antonym
and (4)part of speech on the reverse side.
List #10
1. Clandestine(ADJ)- done is secret; kept hidden
2. Contingency(N)- a possible future event that must be prepared for or guarded against; possibility
3. Egocentric(ADJ)- self-centered; seeing everything in terms of oneself
4. Exonerate(V)- to clear of an accusation or charge; prove innocent
5. Incongruous(ADJ)- out of place; having parts that are not in harmony or that are inconsistent
6. Indigenous(ADJ)- living, growing, or produced naturally in a particular place; native
7. Ingenuity(N)- cleverness; originality
8. Injurious(ADJ)- causing damage or loss
9. Liability(N)- something that acts as a disadvantage
10. Mobility(N)- ability to move or be moved
11. Monarch(N)- a ruler; a king, queen, or emperor
12. Opaque(ADJ)- not transparent; hard to understand
13. Penchant(N)- a strong taste or liking
14. Persecution(N)- tormenting a person because of his or her beliefs
15. Prolific(ADJ)- producing many works, results, or offspring; fertile
16. Reconcile(V)- to settle a problem
17. Rectify(V)- to fix or correct
18. Reinstate(V)- to restore or a previous position or condition; bring back into being or use
19. Subordinate(N)- a person placed in a lower rank or order
20. Superfluous(ADJ)- beyond what is needed, wanted, or useful; extra
For each word, make a note card with the word on one side and the (1)definition (2)synonym (3)antonym
and (4)part of speech on the reverse side.
List #11
1. Advocate(V)- to speak or write in favor or; support
2. Antipathy(N)- a strong dislike or distaste; hatred
3. Emancipate(V)- to set free from slavery, captivity, or oppression
4. Idiosyncrasy(N)- a personal peculiarity; quirk
5. Imminent(ADJ)- about to happen
6. Impede(V)- to delay or slow; get in the way of
7. Inclusive(ADJ)- including much or everything; broad or complete in coverage
8. Innate(ADJ)- existing in a person since birth; part of the character of something
9. Innocuous(ADJ)- causing or intending little or no harm
10. Jurisdiction(N)- the authority to administer justice; authority; range or extent of authority
11. Monotonous(ADJ)- boring; unvarying in tone or content
12. Morose(ADJ)- gloomy, ill-tempered
13. Phenomena(N)- occurrences, facts, or observable circumstances
14. Philanthropist(N)- someone who gives to worthy causes
15. Precarious(ADJ)- dangerous; risky; dangerously uncertain
16. Preposterous(ADJ)- contrary to nature or reason and thus laughable; absurd
17. Redundant(ADJ)- characterized by unnecessary repetition or words or ideas
18. Reminiscence(N)- a story of past experience
19. Satiate(V)- to satisfy fully
20. Sect(N)- a subgroup or faction of a religion
For each word, make a note card with the word on one side and the (1)definition (2)synonym (3)antonym
and (4)part of speech on the reverse side.
List #12
1. Austere(ADJ)- without decoration or luxury; severely simple
2. Esoteric(ADJ)- intended for or understood by only a certain group; beyond the understanding of most people
3. Facsimile(N)- an exact copy or reproduction
4. Grotesque(ADJ)- distorted or strikingly inconsistent in shape, appearance, or manner
5. Inquisitive(ADJ)- curious
6. Mesmerize(V)- to hypnotize or fascinate: hold spellbound
7. Metamorphosis(N)- a great or complete change: transformation
8. Mosaic(N)- a picture made of small pieces or stone or glass
9. Mundane(ADJ)- ordinary or commonplace
10. Notorious(ADJ)- known widely but unfavorably; having a bad reputation
11. Perfunctory(ADJ)- done only as a routine, with little care or interest; performed with no interest or enthusiasm
12. Phonetics(N)- the study of sounds in language
13. Pioneer(N)- a leader in a field; to lead the way in a field of study
14. Provocative(ADJ)- tending to arouse interest or curiosity
15. Regulate(V)- to control or direct by some particular method
16. Reign(V)- to have supreme power; to rule
17. Sentinel(N)- a guard or watchman
18. Serene(ADJ)- calm, peaceful
19. Subdued(ADJ)- quite, controlled, lacking in intensity
20. Travesty(N)- a crude, exaggerated, or ridiculous representation; mockery
For each word, make a note card with the word on one side and the (1)definition (2)synonym (3)antonym
and (4)part of speech on the reverse side.
List #13
1. Connoisseur(N)- an expert in fine art or in matters of taste
2. Contrite(ADJ)- truly sorry for having done wrong: repentant
3. Distraught(ADJ)- very troubled; distressed
4. Germane(ADJ)- having to do with the issue at hand: relevant
5. Irrelevant-(ADJ) not necessary or important to the matter at hand
6. Lucid(ADJ)- clearly expressed; easily understood
7. Pious(ADJ)- having reverence for God
8. Plagiarist(N)- a person who present someone else’s work as his or her own work
9. Plight(N)- a situation marked by difficulty, hardship, or misfortune
10. Reiteration(N)- a saying or action that is done repeatedly
11. Renounce(V)- to give up or put aside
12. Skeptical(ADJ)- showing doubt or disbelief
13. Slander(N)- an untruthful verbal attack on someone’s reputation
14. Succinct(ADJ)- brief, concise
15. Superficially(ADJ)- In an on-the-surface manner; not thoroughly
16. Taciturn(ADJ)- being of few words
17. Tactful(ADJ)- saying or doing the proper thing
18. Truncate(V)- to shorten by cutting off
19. Verbose(ADJ)- using or containing too many words
20. Wallow(V)- to indulge in a particular state of mind
For each word, make a note card with the word on one side and the (1)definition (2)synonym (3)antonym
and (4)part of speech on the reverse side.
List #14
1. Adept(ADJ)- highly skilled; expert
2. Encompass(V)- to include; contain
3. Entrepreneur(N)- a person who organizes, manages, and takes the risk of a business undertaking
4. Eradicate(V)- to get rid of altogether; wipe out
5. Homogeneous(ADJ)- made up of similar or identical parts; uniform throughout
6. Laissez faire(ADJ)- a doctrine opposing governmental interference if economic affairs
7. Omnipotent ADJ)- having very great or unlimited authority or power
8. Plateau(N)- a condition or neither growth nor decline
9. Repeal(V)- to take back a law or other decision
10. Repertoire(N)- a supply of songs, stories, skills, or devices
11. Slothful(ADJ)- lazy
12. Sordid(ADJ)- indecent; morally low; corrupt
13. Standardize(V)- to make uniform; cause to conform to a model
14. Stint(N)- a period of work or service
15. Stringent(ADJ)- strictly controlled or enforced; strict; severe
16. Taint(V)- to affect with something harmful; contaminate
17. Tantamount(ADJ)- equivalent in effect or meaning
18. Unanimity(N)- complete agreement
19. Undermine(V)- to injure or destroy underhandedly
20. Vigor(N)- energy, vitality
For each word, make a note card with the word on one side and the (1)definition (2)synonym (3)antonym
and (4)part of speech on the reverse side.
List #15
1. Exhort(V)- to urge with argument or strong advice; plead earnestly
2. Flamboyant(ADJ)- very showy; strikingly bold
3. Foible(N)- a minor weakness or character flaw; a minor fault in behavior
4. Innocuous(ADJ)- harmless; inoffensive
5. Magnanimous(ADJ)- noble in mind and spirit; especially generous in forgiving
6. Masochist(N)- a person who gains satisfaction from suffering physical or psychological pain
7. Meticulous(ADJ)- extremely careful and exact; showing great attention to details
8. Preclude(V)- to make impossible
9. Predecessor(N)- a person who precedes another in an office or a position
10. Rancor(N)- intense hatred or ill will; long-lasting resentment
11. Recrimination(N)- an accusation made in response to an accuser; countercharge
12. Repudiate(V)- to cast off or disown; to refuse to acknowledge
13. Repugnant(ADJ)- offensive; distasteful; repulsive
14. Residual(ADJ)- describing the part that is left over
15. Sobriety(N)- a state of being quiet or serious
16. Solidarity(N)- unity or fellowship between members of a group
17. Taper(V)- to gradually decrease or grow smaller at one end; to dwindle
18. Temper(V)- to moderate or make less extreme
19. Unethical(ADJ)- having bad moral principles
20. Unheralded(ADJ)- unnoticed or unappreciated
For each word, make a note card with the word on one side and the (1)definition (2)synonym (3)antonym
and (4)part of speech on the reverse side.
List #16
1. Chide(V)- to scold mildly or express disapproval
2. Coalition(N)- a union of individuals, groups, or nations for some specific purpose
3. Commensurate(ADJ)- corresponding in degree, number, or size; in proportion
4. Connotation(N)- a suggested meaning; the feelings or thoughts that are associated with a word
5. Diabolic(ADJ)- very cruel; wicked
6. Dilapidated(ADJ)- broken down or fallen into a state that needs repairs
7. Integral(ADJ)- necessary to the whole; belonging to the whole
8. Noxious(ADJ)- harmful to life or health; poisonous
9. Premonition(ADJ)- a feelings that something is about to happen
10. Presumptuous(ADJ)- bold to the point of rudeness
11. Resourceful(ADJ)- able to find solutions
12. Resolute(ADJ)- strongly determined
13. Scenario(N)- a sequence of events that is imagined, assumed, or suggested
14. Solitude(N)- the state of living or being alone
15. Soporific(ADJ)- causing sleep
16. Temperament(N)- one’s emotional nature
17. Tenet(N)- an idea or belief
18. Unnerving(ADJ)- upsetting; causing nervousness
19. Wariness(N)- cautiousness
20. Yen(N)- a strong desire or craving
For each word, make a note card with the word on one side and the (1)definition (2)synonym (3)antonym
and (4)part of speech on the reverse side.
List #17
1. Atrophy(V)- to wear down, lose strength or become weak as from disuse disease or injury
2. Deplore(V)- to feel or express disapproval of
3. Deprivation(N)- lack or shortage or one or more basic necessities
4. Empathy(N)- Identification with and understanding of another's situation, feelings, and motives
5. Exacerbate(V)- to aggravate or make more severe
6. Imperative(ADJ)- necessary; urgent
7. Mitigate(V)- to make less severe or less intense; relieve
8. Objective(ADJ)- not influenced by emotion or personal prejudice; based only on what can be observed
9. Panacea(N)- something supposed to cure all diseases, evils, or difficulties
10. Prevailing(ADJ)- generally accepted; having superior power
11. Reticent(ADJ)- not talkative, shy, reluctant to speak
12. Retort(V)- to sharply reply; a sharp reply
13. Speculation(N)- the act of thinking about or pondering something
14. Spendthrift(N)- a person who spends money wastefully
15. Symbiotic(ADJ)- a mutually beneficial relationship
16. Terminate(V)- to bring to and end
17. Terrestrial(ADJ)- having to do with the earth
18. Unprecedented(ADJ)- being the first instance of something; never having occurred before
19. Unseemly(ADJ)- unbecoming
20. Utilitarian(ADJ)- made or intended for practical use; stressing usefulness over beauty
For each word, make a note card with the word on one side and the (1)definition (2)synonym (3)antonym
and (4)part of speech on the reverse side.
List #18
1. Decorum(N)- correctness in behavior and manners
2. Espouse(V)- to support, argue for, or adopt an idea
3. Exhilaration(N)- cheerfulness; high spirits
4. Exorbitant(ADJ)- excessive, especially in amount, cost or price
5. Extricate(V)- to free from a tangled situation or difficulty
6. Facilitate(V)- to make easier to do or to get
7. Orthodox(ADJ)- following established, traditional rules or beliefs
8. Prodigal(ADJ)- wasteful
9. Prominent(ADJ)- standing out, important
10. Rejuvenate(V)- to make someone feel or seem young again
11. Revere(V)- to regard with awe
12. Revelation(N)- a striking realization
13. Stimulus(N)- something that causes a reaction
14. Synchronize(V)- to cause to occur at exactly the same time
15. Tenuous(ADJ)- having little substance or basis; weak; poorly supported
16. Testimony(N)- statement in support of something, often under oath
17. Unsound(ADJ)- not solid; not well founded; not healthy
18. Unwitting(ADJ)- unaware
19. Verbosity(N)- the use of too many words
20. Verifiable(ADJ)- able to be proven true
For each word, make a note card with the word on one side and the (1)definition (2)synonym (3)antonym
and (4)part of speech on the reverse side.
List #19
1. Assimilate(V)- to become more similar to a larger whole; especially, to blend into or adjust to a main culture
2. Belligerent(ADJ)- quick or eager or argue or fight; hostile; aggressive
3. Demeanor(N)- conduct; outward behavior; manner
4. Denunciation(N)- a strong expression of disapproval; an act of condemning, especially publically
5. Dissipate(V)- to thin out or scatter and gradually vanish: drive away
6. Indolent(ADJ)- lazy; avoiding or disliking work
7. Inherent(ADJ)- existing as a natural or essential quality of a person or thing; built-in
8. Nonchalant(ADJ)- calm, carefree, and casually unconcerned
9. Promontory(N)- a high point of land projecting into the sea
10. Proposal(N)- an offer or consideration or acceptance
11. Strident(ADJ)- harsh, grating
12. Strive(V)- to try hard; to make a major effort
13. Succumb(V)- to give way to superior force
14. Theoretical(ADJ)- not proven true, existing only as an idea
15. Trite(ADJ)- overused, lacking freshness
16. Unassuming(ADJ)- modest; not boastful or arrogant
17. Unilateral(ADJ)- involving or done by only one side
18. Urbane(ADJ)- highly sophisticated
19. Usurp(V)- to seize power by force
20. Utility(ADJ)- usefulness
For each word, make a note card with the word on one side and the (1)definition (2)synonym (3)antonym
and (4)part of speech on the reverse side.
List #20
1. Criterion(N)- a standard by which something is or can be judged
2. Emanate(V)- to flow or come out from a source; come forth
3. Holistic(ADJ)- emphasizing the whole and the interdependence of its parts, rather than the parts separately
4. Placebo(N)- a substance which contains no medicine, but which the receiver believes is a medicine
5. Proficient(ADJ)- skilled; expert
6. Provincial(ADJ)- having a narrow scope
7. Provoke(V)- to anger, arouse, or bring to action
8. Staunch(ADJ)- firm; loyal; strong in support
9. Stoic(ADJ)- not affected by passion or feeling
10. Stylized(ADJ)- in a particular style, often an unrealistic one
11. Subversive(ADJ)- acting or intending to undermine something established
12. Tirade(N)- a long, harsh, often abusive speech
13. Torpid(ADJ)- without energy, sluggish
14. Vagary(N)- an inconsistent or unpredictable action
15. Vindicate(V)- to clear from blame or suspicion; justify or prove right
16. Vivid(ADJ)- sharp, intense, making an impression on the senses
17. Void(V)- to invalidate
18. Whimsical(ADJ)- eccentric; unpredictable
19. Yearning(N)- a deep longing
20. Zealous(ADJ)- very enthusiastic
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