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Scars Removal :
You may have been told that scars are for life – but we’re here to help you prove that
they’re not! When you get a scar it seems that the skin has some sort of ‘memory’ because
the scar stays there even though you know that your skin is constantly renewing itself. So
how can you ‘re-train’ the skin to be smooth and blemish free again? The secret to
achieving this lies in the powerful and safe treatments we use to stimulate the skin to be
plumper and more elastic, while tackling the ‘memory’ of the scar – the shrunken
connective tissue between the surface of your skin and the deep layers.
Our Scar Removal treatment will :
Increase the production of new skin cells
Permanently stretch out the damaged connective tissue which cause indented scars
Smooth the skins surface
Remove unwanted pigmentation
Our Scar Removal treatment is for people who: Are looking to remove the incidence
and severity of scarring, and achieve a smooth skin free of surface irregularities and a clear
even complexion.
What does the treatment involve ?
Our basic treatment involves you having a series of Microdermabrasion (Mda) treatments on
the scarred area to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin that will boost the
thickness and elasticity of your skin, and, most importantly, to stretch the connective tissue
under the surface of the skin. It is because the connective tissue under your scar has
shrunk that the surface of the skin shows the indentation – effectively giving your skin a
‘memory’ of the scar so the scar doesn’t disappear despite your skin cells being constantly
renewed. Our treatments effectively re-train the skin to grow evenly giving you a
permanently smooth skin surface. M.L.C.(MERIDIAN LIFE CURE) utilizes unique 3rd
generation Mda machines capable of operating at high vacuum without crystals.
For optimum results we would strongly recommend that you upgrade your scar treatment to
include several Regenerative Peels which thicken and firm the skin. As part of the combined
course, we will give you ‘at home’ products – these products are not available other than
from specialist skin clinics such as M.L.C.(MERIDIAN LIFE CURE) Clinics. You should not
need any recovery time. You should expect the treated area to be slightly red for about half
an hour after treatment although in some circumstances the redness may last for up to 24
How many treatments will I need, and how often ?
This depends on the severity of the scarring and how smooth you want your skin to be. A
highly visible improvement is normally noticeable after a course of 10 weekly treatments.
You may get further improvements from additional courses. When IPL is necessary It is
normally administered with a 2 or 3 week interval.
Are there any reasons why you may not be able to treat me ?
If you are susceptible to keloid (raised) scarring, you should not have Microdermabrasion. If
you suffer from broken capillaries, diabetes or eczema, you should discuss This at time of
consultation. If you are on medication you are advised to consult with your GP prior to
consultation although this treatment works well in conjunction with most other acne
What are the risks ?
There are virtually no risks with this treatment. A small number of clients may experience a
slight redness, but this normally disappears within 30 min. If you have exceptionally thin
and fragile skin, mild short term bruising is possible but extremely rare. You will be tested
for allergic reaction before treatment. There are no long-term risks or adverse side effects.
What else should I know ?
Microdermabrasion, Regenerative Peels, Collagen combined with other specialised serums
and Intense Pulsed Light are excellent treatments for reducing theincidence and severity of
acne breakouts. These treatments are excellent at rejuvenating skin and can repair sun
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