Game Idea Proposal Game Name

Game Idea Proposal
Game Name
e.g. Super Mario
Idea Owner
The overview should sell the game and make it sound exciting in a few sentences. If there is
nothing exiting to say or if the game doesn’t sound fun in the overview then the concept
probably needs more work
The Overview should cover the following point
 High Concept
 Genre
 Target Customer
 Unique selling points
Storyline of the Game
The game background story goes here.
Tell us what the player is trying to achieve in the game… or thinks he is trying to achieve.
His goals may change in the middle of the game… but he has to start out with some motivation.
If the player does NOT know the true objective of the game at the beginning, state that here, and
indicate what the REAL objective is also.
Game Characters
Main Character in Game , other characters (if exists)
System Development & Gaming CoE
Game Idea Proposal
Core Mechanics
Core Mechanics of Game (jumping, flying, falling, floating, projectile throwing ...etc.)
Brief description of Levels that are supposed to be in the Game (just 1 paragraph describing
Target Audience
Target Audience of the Game (Age, gender ...etc.)
…e.g. PC/Mobile/ Web/Console Game
System Development & Gaming CoE