Unit 1 Reading Quiz

Unit 1 Reading Quiz
These are short answer questions. The depth of the answers given should
reflect the amount of space given on this quiz to answer them
1. Who was John Dewey?
2. Give the full title and date for one of these two laws (NDEA or ESEA) and describe how it
affected music education in America.
3. Give three of the recommendations made by “A Nation at Risk”(1983)
4. According to the text, how has “No Child Left Behind (2001) negatively affected music
5. According to the text, how has desegregation, the women’s movement and inclusion
changed music curriculum in this country?
6. Define curriculum.
7. Describe how Brunner influenced curriculum today.
8. Describe how Tyler influenced curriculum today.
9. What are the National Standards, when were they released, and how are they
10. Describe the “constructivist” view for changing curriculum as mentioned in the MEJ
article “Challenges to Music Education: Curriculum Reconceptualized” by Betty Handley.