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3 days
Write an essay on the following question:
Compare some aspect of gender in the 1950s in the United States to another era of your choice,
using the documents from Skinner, Chapter 16, with another chapter of Skinner. Your other course
readings should be used to support your interpretation of the documents. You must choose an
appropriate focus to organize your comparison. For example, you may choose to analyze ideologies
about women, differences in racial experiences of gender, women’s involvement in reform or radical
movements, feminist movements, women’s work, women and war, lesbianism, motherhood, or
another theme you find in the specified documents.
Trøsterunde (questions about the question)
You may call me with questions Monday May 30th (approximately 13.30 – 17.00 – no later
than that) (tlf: 90948254). Note: Do not call earlier, as I will be taking a conference
participant to the airport.
I will be in my office Tuesday May 31st. We can meet at 11.00 in my office. If several of you
show up, we can move to the 12th floor pause room at the end of the hall. (I am booked
there ca 12-13.15 for another meeting.) If you arrive and find the door locked, come to the
12th floor to join us.
Submit your paper in Fronter ( no later than 03 June 2011, at 12.00 noon.
Explanation: For an explanation of the mark obtained: contact the responsible teacher of the course no
later than 1 week after the exam results have been published in StudentWeb. Remember to include your
name and candidate number. The examiner will then decide whether to give a written explanation or call
you in for an interview.
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