Camps and Conferences Board
Saturday, September 12, 2015 10:00 am – 12 Noon
Mission House, Lexington
Present: Jane Brantley, Hillie Gaither, Ned Crankshaw, Katherine Harper, Randy Railey, Kara Evans, Nancy Grayson, Meg Koehl,
Andy Sigmon, Bishop Hahn, The Rev. Robert Sessum-Visitor
Excused: The Rev. Linda Young, The Rev. Peter Doddema; Chris Vogel (called in), Diane Zwick (sick)
Action Items
Opening Prayer
Note Taker for Meeting
Adopt Minutes of August
Capital Campaign
Documentation and Update
Assigned To:
Bishop Hahn
No Volunteer, Jane and Ned will take notes and develop minutes.
Randy moved/Katherine seconded. Minutes approved as
A. Presentation by Fr. Bob Sessum, Dio. Finance Committee:
Fr. Sessum is developing documentation to protect donors and to
govern the Endowment in perpetuity. It is standard procedure to
ensure the Endowment is used as it is intended. He asked the
Board to make suggestions re: how funds might be spent in the
event the Cathedral Domain no longer exists. He has spoken with
principal donors for their input. Suggestions are to use $$ for
scholarships to send children/youth/adults to camps and/or
conferences. Jane suggested wording to ensure that the
Cathedral and Garden of St. Mary Magdalene are
C:\Users\elliotma\Dropbox\C&CB\2014\June\C&CB June Meeting Agenda.docx
Duties: take minutes of this meeting and
send DRAFT within 48 hours to members for
1.Send adopted August minutes and
Director’s Report to Ellen for Ex. Council
A. Develop list of suggestions for use of
Endowment Funds in the event the Domain
ceases to exist. List development by email.
Present and approve at Oct. Board meeting
and send to Fr. Sessum by Oct. 12.
1. Jane
A. Board
B. FYI: Current Campaign Totals Per Dave Sevigny:
Total Campaign raised/pledged: $801,011.83
Total Pledges outstanding $174,317.52
Total Collected thru Aug 31 2015 $626,694.31
Expenses for the campaign were $140,664.28
C. Donor Thank You Letter: Signatures obtained
Director’s Report
Committee Reports
1. Estimate of $1,500 for removal of 2 trees; will use remainder
of B/G funds for 2015.
2. Detailed and lengthy discussion re: problems at Trinity,
Covington Parish weekend with bed bugs, snakes, cleanliness of
cabins concerns.
Loss of approx. $4,000 from weekend .
Bishop Hahn will write Thank You letter to clergy/vestry for pool
pump. Thank You letter for parish newsletter for pool pump and
letter addressing concerns to clergy/vestry to be written by
Jane/Ned on behalf of the Board.
1. Building and Grounds: No report.
No September Work Weekends.
Follow up on Horine garden phase 2: Will invite Carolyn Witt and
Susan Thompson to Nov. 14th meeting.
C:\Users\elliotma\Dropbox\C&CB\2014\June\C&CB June Meeting Agenda.docx
B. Develop list of potential donors by Oct.
mtg; Send list of campaign pledge amounts
without donor names to Board.
B. Andy/Jane
C. Jane/Katherine
C. Letters/Statements compiled for Sept. 17
1. Schedule tree removal.
2. Bed Bugs Plan:
a. develop and post containment protocol in
cabins when bed bugs detected by guests.
b. Continue professional exterminator Tx
c. Continue use of heat Tx using extended
time due to thickness of cabin walls; chart
dates/times of Tx.
d. Propose purchase of High Temp fans to
use w/heaters. $350 each, need 4.
e. Contact UK’s Mike Potter, bed bug expert,
to consult/visit/recommend Tx.
f. Research “bed bug sniffing dog” for visit to
g. Continue to caulk cracks in cabin walls
3. Cleaning/Maintenance:
a. Develop prioritized maintenance list
b. Develop cleaning checklist for staff, do
walk-through of cabins prior to opening of
rental events
c. Develop and post Clean Up Checklist for
Prior to Oct. meeting develop a prioritized
maintenance check list.
IDEA: Work Weekends before and after
Camp Sessions using volunteers to assist
with preparations/cleaning/minor repairs
2. Communications:
Work continues. Thanks to Matt
Elliott for his design work.
A. New Website update:
B. E-Newsletter Publication in late Sept. per Communications
calendar. Still working with Diocese to resolve email address
issues, Boomerang vs Constant Contact. Katherine meeting with
Lynn to review.
FB Ad follow up: Nancy reviewed FB ad stats.
2 A. Notes: Add Cancellation Policy in
“Things to Remember” text box; Use current
Mission Statement.
2 A. Nancy/Matt
2 B. FB Stats: 8,360 people saw the free ad,
287 people clicked on it, 310 total Likes,
shares, etc.
2 B. Nancy
3. Finance:
A. 2016 Camp Fees: Jane moved, Nancy seconded. Discussion
followed. 2016 Camps will cost $450 and $230.
B. DRAFT 2016 Budget Review:
Rental income for 2015 negatively affected by weather related
Amount of “subsidy” from Diocese discussed. It is approximately
12% of Domain budget and is less than it was a few years ago.
Domain programs are the Diocesan Youth Program.
C. Seasonalized Budget Review
C:\Users\elliotma\Dropbox\C&CB\2014\June\C&CB June Meeting Agenda.docx
3 A. Katherine will adjust draft budget
figures to reflect new fees. Katherine, Ned,
Andy meeting w/ Dio. Finance Comm (which
includes Peter) on Sept. 15 to discuss current
year profit and loss statement variances.
3 B. Budget presentation to Dio. Budget
Committee on Sept. 17. Katherine, Ned,
Peter and Andy will attend.
GOAL: Increase each camp session by 4
campers; Need to generate INCOME.
3 C. Randy will send to Board.
3A. Board
3B. Katherine
3C. Randy
4. Hillie/Committee
4. Fundraising:
A. Gaither Fundraising Print/Capital Campaign: The basic
presentation sent w/August agenda. As a “Friends and Family
rate” previously worked out with Butch Clements, this is not on a
scaled cost, just $30 without anything upfront.
From Tom Gaither: “The framed prints are normally $40 and I
will make them for $30 each. As a 6 year commitment from your
donors at $100 per year, each print (if fulfilled) will net $570 (medallion cost - $3.). Simple math = nearly $10,000 per year for
every 100 you place.”
4. A. Hillie and Meg will present project to
Bishop Hahn. Could use as new project and
as thank you to Capital Campaign donors
who have fulfilled their pledges.
Costs would be covered from endowment
generated interest.
From Aug. Mtg:
Discussion re: use as Thank You for current campaign donors;
Range of Pledge Amounts:
1 @ $250,000
1 @ $30,000
1 @ $25,000
3 @ $20,000
1 @ $15,600
2 @ $15,000
2 @ $10,000
11 prints would cost the Domain $330. Where would the money
come from to pay for this?
Continue for October meeting:
Questions re: Print as new fundraiser:
1. What's the next step?
2. Does the Finance committee need any considerations?
3. How do we get this in front of the Bishop?
4. Would Board want Mr. Gaither to make a presentation?
5. Governance:
A. Follow up on Revisions to Facilities Manual and Facilities Use
Agreement: Time constraints limited discussion. Continue in Oct.
C:\Users\elliotma\Dropbox\C&CB\2014\June\C&CB June Meeting Agenda.docx
A. Katherine to send Nancy notes/questions
for edits. Continue review by email if
needed. Finalize at Oct. meeting.
5 A. Nancy
B. DRAFT of Nomination Procedure
6. Program Development/Outreach:
In August, Katherine & I worked on the 2016 proposed
budget. It looks really good, realistic, and attainable.
I am working on dates to meet with both EKU’s Center
for Regional Stewardship & with Estill Co’s Health
Dept. I’m interested in discussing ways that we can
partner to promote the Domain & further the Bishop’s
desire to make the Domain more engaged in the
community around it.
I’m excited by Andy & Zach’s recent work on climbing
routes at the Domain. If this work continues, we may
be able to do some marketing to climbers in 2016 &
raise more off-season rental revenue.
Andy & I are working on dates to meet with Catholic
Heads of Schools in the Lexington Area. We want to
reinforce their importance to the Domain & our
gratitude for encouraging their students to attend
Domain camps. I’m hoping that these visits will result
in more students at the Domain, both during summer
camps & during non-summer events like Happening /
New Beginnings.
I continue serving on the Diocesan Finance
Committee. This is proving very valuable for the
Domain, because it’s a voice for the Domain at
C:\Users\elliotma\Dropbox\C&CB\2014\June\C&CB June Meeting Agenda.docx
B. DRAFT document has been sent to Gov
Committee for consideration and report at
Oct meeting
5 B.
6. Peter
Diocesan financial conversations. I’ve seen the mood
toward the Domain shift in a much more positive
direction in recent months - Andy, the Board, & I have
worked hard and it’s lovely to be able to share this hard
work (and positive outcomes) with these Diocesan
leaders & let them see firsthand how the Domain
continues to be strong / growing stronger.
Pool pump: really exciting that Trinity, Covington
provided most (?) of the money for this purchase &
worked with us to located one & get it
installed. Regardless of any other issues, this is a really
positive event for the Domain & for our parish
Resignation of Jenny Williams, Class of 2016
Jenny will continue to serve on the Food Group Committee.
Identify names to submit to Bishop for Board
member to fulfill unexpired term
Closing Prayer
Next Meeting: Sat., Oct. 10, 10:00 AM at Mission House, Lex.
C:\Users\elliotma\Dropbox\C&CB\2014\June\C&CB June Meeting Agenda.docx
Andy and Randy will be absent.
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