Assignment Correction code

Assignment Correction code
Here is a code that is used by many teachers to correct written mistakes.
Code Meaning
Wrong word used
Wrong word order
Wrong spelling
Wrong punctuation or punctuation missing
Wrong verb or verb used wrongly
Wrong tense
Meaning not clear, re-write this
Word missing (a symbol like this is found in Wingdings font y in the text editor of the
assignment screen)
Copy and paste the text below into a document and put the correction code letters or symbols on the
left hand side, in a different colour, as appropriate. You may have to put more than one symbol or
correction letter next to each line.
My name ^ Ahmed. I live in Bahrain.
SP years old and I am married.
I am ^ a garage machine WW. I fix cars.
I am fourtey
SP is a nurse and ^ is working in a big hospital.
She^ s (years old thirty^five). (WO)
My wiff
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