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Swiss Medical Weekly: Extended abstract – template for economic evaluation


[The following sections should duplicate those of the full version of the article.]


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[The following sections must be written in proper narrative prose with complete sentences. All the sections must be included. Please aim for about 3300 characters* (without spacing). One figure or table derived from one in the full article may be added; otherwise the publisher will add a photograph into the layout of the page. Our intention is to fill one page of the print SMW and hence we will need some flexibility in the final word count. * The character counting includes the title, the whole text with the headers, author names and corresponding address.]

Study question

[Preferably a single sentence, this should be limited to the primary objective(s) of the study (don’t include secondary questions).] ((Text))

Summary answer

[Main conclusion. Preferably a single sentence, this should be limited to the primary results of the study, without any discussion of their implications.] ((Text))

What is known and what this paper adds

[No more than two short sentences.] ((Text))

Main results

[We would like to include one small figure or table derived from one in the full article; this should be simple and clear (i.e. just two or three columns and five or six rows in the table) showing the key findings.] ((Text))


((Text)) 1 The SMW Editorial Board expresses warmest gratitude to Dr Fiona Godlee, Editor-in-Chief of the British Medical Journal, for permission to use the BMJ pico templates for Swiss Medical Weekly.

Source(s) of effectiveness

[Study design / intervention / participants / results.] ((Text))

Data sources

[Resource use / unit costs / time horizon.] ((Text))

Results of sensitivity analysis




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