Punctuating Complex Sentences

LA 8
Punctuating Complex Sentences & Introductory Elements
Dependent clauses and phrases cannot stand on their own as complete sentences. They
must be attached to an independent clause to make a complete sentence. These types of
sentences are called complex sentences.
Because pizza is my favorite food, I eat it every day.
While enjoying my pizza at lunch today, I decided to eat it every day.
Dependent clauses and phrases that come BEFORE an independent clause in a sentence are
known as introductory elements and must be separated from the independent clause by a
However, when a dependent clause comes after an independent clause, it does NOT need
to be attached to the independent clause with a comma:
 I eat pizza every day because it is my favorite food.
Identify the subjects and verbs. Then, put brackets around the dependent clauses,
phrases, and independent clauses. Finally, punctuate each sentence appropriately.
Although my story is very short it will probably scare Ms. Sterling!
1. After going trick or treating you should not TP any houses!
2. Since the football game was cancelled the cheerleaders were free to go to a movie.
3. Every night before going to bed the wrestler did 100 push-ups.
4. Sitting sadly in the dentist’s chair the boy reluctantly opened his mouth and said
5. Because we love to read so much we already finished five books from the Challenge
Reading List before the end of the trimester.
LA 8
6. Since school began in August we have been studying for about 9 weeks.
7. Before eating Thanksgiving dinner I save my appetite all day long.
8. On a hot day in October many students cooled off at the beach.
9. Although she enjoyed basketball my sister’s favorite sport was soccer.
10. Because it rained all weekend we went to the movies instead of the park.
11. If you like skiing you must be excited for winter.
12. Whenever I go to the dentist he always tells me to brush my teeth more.