Vocabulary-City of Ember

Vocabulary: The City of Ember
Disreputable: (adj) not respectable; having a bad reputation
Endeavor: (v) serious effort over time; to attempt
Frayed: (n) worn along the edge, usually referring to a fabric
Grimy: (adj) covered with dirt; filthy
Plummet: (v) falling straight down
Reverberate: (v) echoing; filled with sound
Scavenger: (n) someone who searches through discarded items for something of
8. Successor: (n) one who follows another in office
9. Raucous: (adj) loud & unpleasant to listen to
10. Illegible: (adj) not clear enough to read
11. Intact: (adj) not broken or damaged
12. Incomprehensible: (adj) impossible to understand
13. Kiosk: (n) small structure open at one or more sides where things are sold
14. Unintended: (adj) unplanned; accidental
15. Absent-minded: (adj) an unintentional wandering of the mind; distracted
16. Strewn: (v) to cover by scattering or sprinkling
17. Sliver: (n) a small part amount or portion; splinter
18. Tainted: (n) something bad, harmful, or infected
19. Rutted: (n) a furrow, groove, or track in the ground (usually caused by
20. Impudence: (n) the state of being rude or bold; insolent
21. Sturdy: (adj) strong, firm, courageous
22. Saunter: (v) to walk leisurely; stroll
23. Methodical: (adj) to work slow and carefully; orderly
24. Unmistakable: (adj) clear; obvious
25. Delectable: (adj) delightful, highly pleasing, delicious
26. Compartment: (n) a separate room, section, space, or function
27. Slogan: (n) a distinctive phrase or motto; a saying
28. Decipher: (v) to discover the meaning of; to interpret by the use of a key
29. Egress: (n) an exit; leaving or going out of an enclosed place
30. Convoluted: (adj) twisted, complicated
31. Mottle: (v) to mark with spots or a blotch of color
32. Embedded: (v) to surround tightly or firmly; to enclose
33. Accomplice: (n) a person who knowingly helps another in a crime or
34. Abundance: (n) an extremely plentiful or more than sufficient quantity or
35. Curtly: (adj) rudely brief in speech or abrupt in manner
36. Defy: (v) to challenge the power of; resist boldly
37. Disperse: (v) to spread widely; scatter; to cause to vanish or separate
38. Unfurl: (v) to unroll or unfold
39. Enraged: (v) to make extremely angry
40. Tumult: (n) violent & noisy commotion; an uproar or riot
41. Rummage: (v) to search for thoroughly; to find or bring by searching
42. Ponderously: (adv) to perform in a dreary or dull way; to perform in a tedious
or awkward way
43. Catastrophe: (n) a sudden & widespread disaster; a misfortune or mishap
44. Expanse: (n) an uninterrupted space or area
45. Fretful: (adj) irritable or upset
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