Wound-Care - Clinical University

Name of Rotation: Wound Care
Prerequisite: Completion of M3 Clinical Clerkships
Course Director: Thomas Oliver, MD
Course Director e-mail:
Course Director phone: 454-2852
Course Coordinator: Heather Rockwell
Coordinator e-mail: hrockwell@ghs.org
Coordinator phone: 864-455-5587
Course Faculty:
Location: Patewood
Number of weeks: 2
# of students per rotation: 1
Rotations offered: 2nd two weeks of Blocks 2 – 9
Time and Location to Report on Day 1: 8am at the Wound Healing Center. 3rd Floor Patewood Campus;
200 Patewood Dr
Course Objectives:
Describe the physiology of wound healing.
Explain wound classification by etiology and characteristics.
Identify general diagnostics related to the management of nonhealing wounds.
Discuss nutrition related to wound healing.
Identify and discuss the basic management of pressure ulcers and deep tissue injury, diabetic,
surgical and vascular ulcers.
Describe pain parameters and pain management strategies related to wound care.
Identify and recognize wound infections and describe the management of an infected wound.
Perform basic wound care procedures: surgical debridement, chemical debridement, application
of multi-wrap compression, etc
Discuss adjunctive and advanced wound care therapy
Course Description:
This 2 week rotation is designed to expose medical students to the assessment and management of
various chronic wounds in a multidisciplinary setting. Students will spend the majority of their time at
the Wound Healing Center of GHS at the Patewood Campus where they will round with the attending
physician. Experience evaluating venous ulcerations, diabetic foot wounds, as well as unusual wounds
such as vasculitic wounds will be provided. Hands on experience will include basic wound debridement,
basic wound dressing, multilayer compression wraps and off-loading techniques. In addition, there will
be opportunity to rotate at Greenville Memorial Hospital with the wound care team. The schedule will
typically be 8 am to 5pm Monday through Thursday with no call or weekend duties.