July 12-16, 2015 Venue: Vidzemes Perle, Malpils Main theme

Your invitation to the Latvia Summercamp: ‘the future of work’
July 12-16, 2015
Venue: Vidzemes Perle, Malpils
Main theme: In Europe with huge numbers of young people facing longterm unemployment, increasing social inequality and several
technologies in the pipeline which have the potential to either exacerbate
or mitigate such inequalities, it seems that there may be a need for
society to consider a transformational change in our concept and
practice in terms of the notion of 'work’ or ‘labour’.
Overall objective of the camp:
Transforming the concept of ‘work’
The tyranny of labour versus
activity as value
Stepping out – emerging
Going over the horizon: scenarios
for the future
Content: In this summercamp we aim to build on the successful event in
Strasbourg last summer, curated by Cathie Fanton and her colleagues,
examining the future of European society and its structures with an
emphasis on its implications for younger people.
The sub-themes, which will help structure the three main days of the
meeting, examine the social pressures for ‘work’ as an economic driver
(and who benefits) and the tension between that and the ancient notion
of meaningful activity as a virtue. Emerging issues include, on the one
hand the threat to work as a source of survival income that machine
intelligence may bring, or on the other hand, the notion of ‘stepping-out’,
alternative responses such as ‘degrowth’ and some young people’s
solutions to mass employment elsewhere in Europe. Finally, we consider
possible future scenarios in the context of reappraising the value
systems that may structure our lives. Getting a perspective on purpose
is appropriate in the Latvian setting where there is a very strong tradition
of remaining connected to nature, appreciating the seasons and valuing
the benefits derived from natural products such as wood oils, herbal
energisers etc.
Location: The venue that is available is in the countryside of the
northern part of Latvia, a country that summercamp has never previously
visited, about one hour’s drive west of Riga and less than half an hour
from the medieval town of Sigulda. The Baltic States have particular
issues related to labour and work which stem in part from their recent
history, but in addition the venue has been chosen to allow us to make
contact with the more ancient history of the area as well as its natural
Vidzemes Perle is only about one hour coach transfer from Riga
(included in the overall price). The accommodation is simple, but there
are conference facilities, an outdoor swimming pool, sauna, barbecue
etc. It is used
for weddings,
and so forth,
although we will
have exclusive
use, and can
between 20 and
150 people.
Nearer the time
of the meeting
you will be advised of the extra ways we will use exploration of the local
culture and settings to complement the work of the Camp.
Administration: The Latvian Society for Quality will be managing the
event in partnership with EHFF, the European Health Futures Forum, a
not for profit sister organisation to ESQH, which in previous years had
co-hosted summercamp with EOQ.
The team organising this camp is headed by Dzintars Putnis and
colleagues from the Latvian Quality Society. Anne Ryan, Sean Conlan
Emilie Schmitt and David Somekh are also members of the organising
group and both Brigitte Monsou and Marius Buiting have offered
Travel arrangements: participants can chose to fly to Riga prior to
Sunday July 12 and enjoy a brief visit to the historic town or fly in that
day, prior to the departure of the coach to Malpils (the small town about
6km for our venue). As usual, the event will start in earnest on the
Monday morning and finish about 12 noon on the Thursday (July 16),
when transport back to Riga will be available.
Payment: as the attached registration and booking form shows (next
page), the overall price is under 500€ for the whole event (excluding cost
of flights) but there is a small variation depending on whether you book a
single or double room ensuite or a single or double with communal toilet
We ask you to register, book and pay as soon as possible, both to
ensure you get the accommodation you want and also to get your flights
as cheaply as possible. Payment is by bank transfer and needs to be
done before June 22nd.
Note: courtesy of our Strasbourg colleagues we can offer two bursaries
of 300€ each for younger participants (under 35) who have more limited
Additional information: there will be one or two updates and some final
information prior to your departure but if there is anything not clear to
you from this flyer, please contact either:
[email protected] or
[email protected]
May 10th 2015
Your invitation to Mālpils Summer Camp
July 12th -16th 2015
“Summercamp presents an opportunity to experience a knowledge ecology around the topic of change
management among practitioner-leaders. It is a place where you are allowed to dream”
Please fill out the form in capital letters and send it to (by the latest on June 10 2015)
Latvian Society for Quality Brivibas 155/4, Riga LV-1012 LATVIA
Phone : +371 29250615 or +371 29193256 Email : [email protected]
Mr 
Ms 
Last Name
First Name
Mobile phone
Second or third “camper”
(same family)
husband  wife  student 
(last & first name)
Fee include transfer from Riga
to Mālpils and back,
accommodation, meals and
cultural programme
Please specify
____ singe room with toilet inside room - 460 EUR
____ double room with toilet inside room - 860 EUR (sharing with partner)
____ singe room with toilet on the floor - 430 EUR
____ double room with toilet on the floor – 820 EUR (sharing with partner)
*** Shower is on the floor for all rooms.
Please note that due to limited participation, registration will only become final upon receipt of
conference fees, on a “first come - first served” basis
Method of Payment
Please pay to the following account:
Account holder
Details of payment
Cancellation Policy
AS SWEDBANK, Balasta dambis 1a, Rīga, LV-1048,
Latvijas Kvalitātes biedrība (Latvian Society for Quality)
Participation in Summer Camp 2015
Please indicate the name of participant(s)
Refund of 80% of sum paid if cancellation is received before June 22nd 2015,
after this day 50% of the respective amount will be refund
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* please be aware that by signing this form, you expressly accept our cancellation policy