File - Mercer County Grange Fair

Department 12-Hay and Grain
Prizes: 1st-$3.00
Best of Show
One gallon glass jar with lids are to be used to show grain in classes 3 through 6.
2. If the fair management believes any of the exhibits were shown in previous years those entries
may be refused.
3. Exhibits can be entered on June 22, 2015 from 12:00-8:00 PM
4. Exhibits can be picked up on June 27, 2015 after 9:00 PM.
Section 1-Grain and Seed Crops
1. Corn (6 ears)
a. Hybrid
b. Field Corn
2. Corn-Tallest (3 stalks)
a. Field
3. Oats (Gallon)
a. Penlo
b. Orbit
c. Larry
d. Ogle
e. Noble
f. Any other
4. Wheat
5. Barley
6. Miscellaneous
a. Buckwheat
b. Red Clover (qt.)
c. Rye
d. Sunflower Seeds (qt.)
e. Timothy Seeds
Section 2-Hay
1. Long hay only. An exhibit shall consist of a bale section at least 8” thick or an equivalent
amount. If cut hay from in the mow.
1. Alfalfa or alfalfa grass mix, 1st cutting. Not over 50% of grasses.
2. Alfalfa or alfalfa grass mix, later cutter. Not over 50% of grasses.
3. Grass, 1st cutting. Mixtures of Timothy and/or other grasses and containing not more than 10%
4. Grass-2nd cutting. Same as number 3.
5. Mixed hay, any mixture not classified in previous classes but which contains 50% or more singly
or in combination of Alfalfa, Timothy, clover and grasses.