I Will Choice Rural Lifestyle by Haonan Wu(Edison)

Haonan Wu (Edison)
Teedy Chocos
English 100DE
10.19. 2015
I Will Choice Rural Lifestyle
Nowadays, most of people are living in the modern society, which all kinds of
technology dominant our life. People prefer living in the city to living in countryside
what causes many urbanization problems. With the rapid development in urban, the
life for people themselves is getting convenient. When it comes to which lifestyle I
prefer, I would definitely choose rural lifestyle. However, there should be a
precondition that is the basic life equipment is provided in both urban area and rural
area, only then can we make the choice; otherwise, there would be fewer people who
would like to live in a poor and undeveloped condition. I prefer to rural lifestyle not
only because the obvious disadvantages of urban life, such as large population, heavy
traffic, and polluted air etc. or the advantages of rural life, such as enjoy fresh air, free
and simple living way without too much work stress, rather I would like to talk about
the relationship between human and nature, and which condition is better for living
not surviving. Thus I hold the opinion that we humans are part of nature, and as
acknowledged that rural life is closer to nature. I do not want to have a lifestyle that is
kind of cutting off the nature of human at some point as nowadays’ urban life does,
and I want to keep this special nature of humans.
I have heard such a saying that “all the construction in urban areas is kind of
destroying at some point.” Somehow I find it is reasonable as to this issue we are
talking about now that is destroys the nature we need to live not exist in the world. I
have to admit that construction in urban areas is a necessary process in the
development of human history, but in the present situation, it goes too far away from
this initial point. Urban life is always related to construction and development. In such
an area, people reclaim many natural land, or even tear down many old buildings to
construct so-called modern life. Let’s consider the cost behind it. Constructing means
changing natural resources such as land, trees, and historical relics, into modern
buildings or factories, which are needed for development. Then the total natural
resources are reduced, and what we can gain in a long period are the noise of
machines and polluted air with all kinds of waste. In other words, humans are blocked
away from nature, once living in such a condition for a long time, people have to pay
back for the destroy of the land, like all kinds of health problems. Yet, it is true that
human can made some artificial land like natural grassland or parks to experience the
beauty of nature, but isn’t is ridiculous that we destroy the real nature, and try to build
a natural like environment in the name of construction? No matter how real it is, the
original natural resources disappear forever and the damage is always there.
I prefer a rural lifestyle for I want to live and enjoy the nature the Creator renders
us, rather exist in a human-made world.