Verb Phrase Practice 1

Verb Phrase Practice 1
Directions: Underline the subject(s) once. Underline the verb or verb phrase twice. Circle the main verb.
1. Is he not doing his work?
2. She was almost late.
3. She was running quickly down the street.
4. They were supposed to eat at 6:00.
5. They have not been able to go to the mall.
6. I’ll slap you and your momma.
7. Isn’t he sleeping in the room with the other kids?
8. The players may be crazy.
9. They’ve been sleeping all day.
10. Should you be doing that?
Verb Practice 2—same directions as before
1. Queen, Conner, and Kelly are not going to fail my test.
2. Alex is eating eagerly.
3. Maddox and Gray will not be able to dance better than LaBrown.
4. What has he forgotten today?
5. He’ll be right next door.
6. Several students seemed happy and excited.
7. We’ll really need some help.
8. Aren’t they supposed to write down their assignments?
9. You must read more often.
Verb Practice 3—same directions as before
1. Will should not have been acting up in class.
2. Must Leslie and Jill be so mean?
3. Rick hasn’t been to class this week.
4. The class hasn’t performed the dance yet.
5. You were not ready for school last week.
6. They had always given their children lots of love.
7. The kids might have been going to sleep outside the tent.
8. We may not be able to go tomorrow.