Myanmar Red Cross Society Donation Form

Myanmar Red Cross Society
Donation Form
 Name
 Date
 Address and contact numbers
 Amount & Currency
 Payment Type
 Please clarify the areas / target
would you like to donate
 General Donation to MRCS
 People affected by natural disasters
 Humanitarian Assistance to Rakhine State
 Humanitarian Assistance to Kachin State
 Humanitarian Assistance to Myanmar Red Cross Annual
Health Education
Voluntary Blood Donation
Vulnerable People
First Aid and Safety Services
People Living with HIV / AIDS
The Myanmar Red Cross Society would like to thank you for your generous donation. Your support helps us to
continue our life saving projects and training in some of the most vulnerable and remote areas of Myanmar.
After you filled up the information, please send the form to the following emails:
Secretary General –
Deputy Secretary General –
Head of Division (Finance) -
Head of Division (Disaster Management) -