Late 20th c. to Now art notes

Late 20th Century Art Notes
Discovering Art History chapter 16.2, pages 536-545, chapter 17, pages 548-587
Key Ideas
Created environments,
experiences, performances
Equality; gender, race, education
Benday Dots
Architecture to Know
Richard Rogers and Renzo Piano, Georges
Frank Gehry, Guggenheim Bilbao Museo,
Pompidou Center, 1977, Paris, France.
1997, Bilbao, Spain.
Abstract Expressionist Art to Know
Jackson Pollock, Number 1, 1950 (Lavender Mist), 1950, oil, enamel and aluminum paint on
canvas, National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C. (p552)
Claes Oldenburg, Shoestring
Potatoes Spilling From a Bag,
1966, painted canvas, kapok,
glue and acrylic, 107 ¾ x 42
1/8”, Walker Art Center,
Minneapolis, MN, USA.
Pop Art to Know
Roy Lichtenstein,
Masterpiece, 1962, oil on
canvas, 54 ¼ x 54 1/4 “, Leo
Castelli Gallery, New York,
USA. (p559)
Andy Warhol, 100 Cans,
1962, oil on canvas, 71 ¾ x
52”, Albright-Knox Art
Gallery, Buffalo, NY, USA.
Op Art to Know
Bridget Riley, Fall, 1963, acrylic emulsion on Victor Vasarely, Vega-Kontosh-Va, 1971,
hardboard, 55 ½ x 55 ½”, The Tate Gallery,
tempera on panel, 25 ½ x 25 ½”, Los
London, UK. (p562)
Angeles County Museum of Art, CA, USA.
Color Field Art to Know
Barnett Newman, Adam, 1951-1952, oil on
Frank Stella, Hiragla Variation I, 1969,
canvas, 95 ¾ x 79 ½”, The Tate Gallery,
flourescent alkyd on canvas, 120 x 240 ¼”,
London, UK. (p566)
Los Angeles County Museum of Art, CA, USA.
Chuck Close, Mark,
1979, acrylic on
canvas, 9 x 7’, Pace
Wildenstein Gallery,
New York, USA.
New Realism Art to Know
Andrew Wyeth,
Richard Estes,
Christina’s World,
Drugstore, 1970, oil
1948, tempera on
on canvas, 59 ¾ x 44
gesso panel, 32 ¼ x
½”, Art Institute of
47 ¾”, Museum of
Chicago, IL,
Modern Art, New
York, USA. (p572)
Duane Hanson, SelfPortrait with Model,
1979, polyester and
fiber glass, lifesize,
courtesy of the artist.
Sculpture to Know
Henry Moore, Sheep Piece, 1972, bronze,
Louise Nevelson, Homage to the World,
223 ½”, Hertfordshire, UK. (p576)
1966, wood, paint, 107 1/2 “ high, Detroit
Institute of Art, MI, USA. (p577)
Christo and JeanneClaude Javacheff ,
Running Fence,
1972-1976, nylon
and steel cable, 18’ x
24 ½ miles, Sonoma
And Marin Co.
California, USA.
New Directions Art to Know
Christo and JeanneRed Grooms, Ruckus
Claude Javacheff, The Rodeo, 1980, wire,
Gates, 2005, nylon,
celastic, acrylic,
steel and wood,
canvas and burlap,
Central Park, New
174 x 606 x 294”,
York, USA. (p579)
Modern Art Museum
of Ft. Worth, TX,
USA. (p582)
Nam June Paik,
Continental U.S.,
Alaska, Hawaii, 1995,
343 television sets,
video, traveling
exhibition. (p584)