Scholarship Application Form

Department of Business Administration
Fall, 2015  Spring, 2016
TWO $1,000 Welle Family/First National Bank
Scholarships ($2,000)
Scholarship Application
This Full-Time-Student Scholarship award is distributed in two parts:
50% of the money will be applied to your Fall, 2015 Tuition obligation;
Remaining 50% will be applied to your Spring, 2016 Tuition obligation.
Student Name:
Student ID:
Mailing Address:
Name & Location of High School:
Cumulative GPA:
Major and Emphasis(es):
First semester & year at Bemidji State University:
Total number of college credits completed after Summer, 2015:
Number of those above credits completed at Bemidji State University:
TWO scholarships for incoming freshman selected by Admissions OR
TWO renewal scholarships for current recipients if still qualified, as selected by Business Department.
Full-time student with minimum cumulative 3.0 GPA, majoring in Business Administration.
Preference to U.S. citizens from community within 300 mile radius of Bemidji; who displays high
achievement, community involvement and leadership.
Please Attach:
 Current DARs & Resume
 One-page statement explaining your qualifications for this scholarship
Please submit the completed application and attachments to
BSU Business Administration Office Decker Hall 112 by Tuesday, March 3rd
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