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Stephanie Blank
Box: 7068
Freudian Theory: Psychoanalysis
a. Students will be able to outline and explain Freud’s Psychoanalytic theory.
i. This goal meets Content Standard 6.1 (understand personality approaches
and theories.)
b. Student will be able to define and illustrate the parts of the unconscious according
to Freud.
i. This goal meets Content Standard 6.2 (understand Psychological concepts,
and methods and theories in analyzing how humans think, learn, feel, and
c. Students will be able to apply what they know about the unconscious to their lives
and assess the unconscious of others.
i. This goal meets Content Standard 5.1 (understand psychology as an
empirical science.)
Specific ways to integrate subjects to curriculum:
a. English – they summarize what they learn to outline the psychoanalytic theory.
b. History – they will discuss Freud and the history of the psychoanalytic theory.
c. Art – they will illustrate by drawing the “ice berg” of the unconscious.
d. Science – The will study the mind and how it functions.
Grade Level/Subject:
a. 9-12/Psychology
Activities Planned:
a. Who Am I? Freud Doll and Freudian Slips
b. Powerpoint to introduce students to Freudian theory.
c. Unconscious movie clip to show the parts of the unconscious, (Reduced
Shakespeare Company)
d. Frued’s Unconscious Powerpoint
e. Students will draw Freud’s unconscious ice berg.
f. Students will break into groups and discuss the parts of the unconscious. Each
group should develop a scenario of an imaginary person and what is going
through the unconscious – the id, ego, and superego.
g. Note-taking
h. Cat in the Hat clip and Freud application
i. Application of unconscious for the self
Assessment of learner understanding:
a. Students ice berg pictures will be graded
b. Students will be observed during the lecture to see if they understand
c. Students will be asked leading questions to see how well the interpreted and
understand the information.
d. There group work will be assessed.
e. Self evaluations and applications will be assessed.
f. Case Study will be assessed.
g. Finally, they will be tested over the information that was taught.