final paper ethics rough draft

In order to solve ethical problems one must discuss all possible viewpoints in order to develop a
truly strong argument. In this paper I will discuss the importance of understanding different ethical
solutions to problems in order to create a solution that accounts for all the problems of prior solutions. I
will start by discussing my first essay in which I made the argument that Aristotle’s theory of goodness
was better than Plato’s. In this essay summarized Plato’s theory, analyzed his point of view, and pointed
at the problems with his solution. I went on to counter Plato’s theory by discussing Aristotles. Once
finished I was able to conclude and reinstate my argument for Aristotle’s theory being better than
Plato’s. Next I will discuss the second essay in which I made the conclusion that suicide can never by
justified. In this paper I discussed several different viewpoints on the topic. I had arguments for and
against my thesis statement. At the end of this paper I was able to draw a conclusion that agreed with
my argument, and made my argument the best possible solution. After discussing these papers I will
present a new ethical problem, and how a similar thought process as my previous papers could be used
to solve the problem. It will be concluded that my past processes work well to solve ethical problems
interpreting different viewpoints, and attempting to argue for against each one.