7th Chapter 2 Forces and Motion Study Guide

Chapter 2 Study Guide
1. Give some examples of projectile motion.
2. What does acceleration depend on?
3. What did Galileo test?
4. What is acceleration?
5. What is the acceleration constant?
6. What is air resistance? What does it depend on?
7. What are Newton’s laws of Motion?
8. When does free fall occur?
9. What is terminal velocity?
10. What is the law of Conservation of Momentum?
11. What is terminal velocity?
12. Explain projectile motion, horizontal motion and vertical motion.
13. What are the two motions that cause objects to orbit?
14. What is centripetal force?
Math Problem
Δv=g x t g= acceleration due to gravity- 9.8 m/s2 t= time the object falls in seconds
F= m x a m=mass a=acceleration F=force
P= m x v p=momentum m=mass v=velocity
15. A 12 kg rock falls from rest off a cliff and hits the ground in 1.5 s. What is the rocks
velocity? What is the rocks momentum?
16. A nickel at rest is dropped from the top of a building. What is the nickels velocity
after it has fallen for 5 seconds?
17. The same nickel hits the ground in 22 seconds. What is the nickels velocity as it hits
the ground?
18. What is the acceleration of a 15 kg mass if a force of 68.6 N is used to move it toward
19. What force is necessary to accelerate a 550 kg truck at a rate of 75 m/s2?
20. What is the momentum of a 17 kg bowling ball that is moving at 25 m/s down the
alley toward the pins?