Volume 40:4

Issue Topic: Health System Growth: Mergers and Acquisitions
NAQ 40:4 / Volume 40, Issue 4: October-November-December 2016
Manuscripts due to issue editors:
April 1, 2016
Issue Editors: Joyce Batcheller JBatcheller7@yahoo.com
Carol Bradley cbradley@lhs.org
Topic Description:
Consolidation of hospitals and patient care services is not new in healthcare. However, there has
been a surge in the number of hospital mergers and acquisitions in the last several years. In
addition, some hospitals are choosing to affiliate as a way to align and take advantage of size but
remain independent. Affiliations allow an organization to gain the expertise of a prominent health
system without relinquishing control. This strategy may also help an organization avoid Federal
Trade Commission scrutiny.
So what are the advantages and challenges in both the short and long-term a leader is likely to
experience when there is a hospital merger? What does it mean to be a regional leader for a larger
healthcare system? How do affiliation agreements change the way organizations may think about
competition? How do mergers and acquisitions impact the front line staff? What are the implications
of mergers on technology decisions? What are the critical leadership competencies an executive
needs in order to successfully lead an organization during and after an acquisition or merger has
occurred. This issue will focus on topics to address these latest trends and help answer these
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