Marvista Elementary School * First Grade Supply List


First Grade Supply List

Mrs. Juhl

Welcome to First Grade at Marvista! I’m looking forward to meeting all of you in September. Your child will have a very exciting experience of learning next year. Below is a list of supplies that will be needed for First Grade. I have separated the list into things that need to be labeled with a permanent black marker, and those things that are shared by the class and do not need to be labeled. Please do not send items that are not on the list (notebook paper, rulers, zippered pencil cases, pencil sharpeners etc.).

Pencils and paper will be supplied, so they are not included in the list. I hope that you’ll be able to come with your supplies on the first day of school.

Please fill out the attached transportation information sheet and send it to school with your child on the first day. I need to know how your child is getting home from school.

Things that need to be labeled with your student’s name

2 plastic pencil boxes, not bigger than 5” by 8” (yes, we really need two). One box is for crayons and pencils (to be kept in their desk) and one is for markers (to be kept on a separate shelf).

7 folders- these are the ones that have two “pockets” inside. The more durable,

the better. Please write your child's name on the outside of each.

1 pair of scissors-Fiskar brand with pointed tips work the best

1 three ring binder (1 inch thick)- hard sided, not “floppy” or “zippered”

1 backpack big enough to hold folders, lunch and other items

1 composition notebook Primary lined

Things that need to be labeled with you student’s initials

This really will help your child’s supplies last longer. Please use a permanent marker.

1 box of new crayons (24-36 crayons)- label each crayon with initials and place in one of the pencil boxes.

1 box thin-tipped colored markers (8-16)- label each marker with initials and place in the other pencil box designated for markers.

1 box fat-tipped colored markers (8-16)-label each marker with initials and place in the pencil box designated for markers.

Do not label these items-They will be shared

2 Large pink erasers

5 large white glue sticks (the small glue sticks dry out too fast).

1 large box of tissues

1 large bottle of hand sanitizer

1 box of crackers-Ritz or Saltines

2 Dry Erase Markers (fat tipped) black ,blue or green

In addition to the list, I’d like to request a $12.00 check made out to Marvista for additional supplies. I will use this for pencils, art supplies, holiday projects, and other materials for the children during the year.

Thank you for your support. I know this list seems long, but these supplies generally last for the whole year. Have a wonderful summer and I'll see you in September.

Cathey Juhl