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Owners Corporation Network of Australia
Notice of General Meeting
The Station, Jackson’s Landing, Bowman Street, Pyrmont
Saturday 18 August 2012, 10:00am – 12:00pm
10:00 – 10:05
Opening remarks: Richard Gration, OCN Director
Introduction and welcoming of new members and guests
10:05 -11.15
Meeting Topic: “When your building gets a council fire order”
John Hutchinson thought, like many other purchasers, that when he bought his apartment the
original Certificate of Occupation and years of having an annual fire inspection certificate signed
meant he could sleep easily knowing that the building was safe, had been built and certified to
comply with the Building Code of Australia, and would, if dutifully maintained, continue to pass
annual fire inspections for the foreseeable future.
Not so. …His owner’s corporation has now been served with an order to comply!
The owners corporation of Karen Stiles’ 40 year old building chose to preempt a fire order by
undertaking a voluntary fire safety upgrade. Fire experts proposed works including new fire doors
lined with gold … for the suppliers. A proposed $100,000 remedy was negotiated to finally cost less
than $1,000. Who do the owners corporations turn to that will give them good solid advice and
negotiate with council?
Guest Speakers:
Integrated Consultancy Group
Chris Mo’ane, Managing Director
Bryan Staples, Fire Safety Auditor
Makinson & d'Apice, Lawyers
Suzie Broome, Partner
Morning Tea
General Meeting
Confirmation of Minutes from General Meeting 19 May 2012
Recent OCN activities: Karen
NSW Planning Green Paper- call for comments
SCA (NSW) Collaborations:
Gerry Chia accepted invitation to be Alternate Director on Board of SCA (NSW) and judge for SCA
Industry Awards
Also working on new Strata Agency Agreement with SCA (NSW) which will be more balanced for
Brian Wood representing OCN on the steering committee for EEIG, the Energy Efficiency
Information Grant programme.
General Business
Meeting Close
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