Multi final

Sunhwa Yoon
TEDU 414 – Domalik
November 13, 2014
Teach students about dental hygiene in terms of why it is good to brush one’s teeth, what foods
are bad and good for one’s teeth, how to be keep your teeth safe, and how to brush one’s teeth.
Health SOL: Grade One
Knowledge and Skills:
The student will explain that good health is related to health-promoting decisions. Key
concepts/skills include
a) Personal hygiene, including care of one’s teeth;
b) Personal safety behaviors;
c) The harmful effects of misusing medicines and drugs;
d) Sleep habits;
e) Physical activity and healthy entertainment;
f) Proper nutrition.
Given a sheet that has the steps/instructions of how to brush one’s teeth in separate boxes with
pictures, the student will be able to cut out with scissors eat box and glue the steps onto another
sheet in the shape of a tooth in the correct order with 100% accuracy.
PROCEDURE: Estimated time: 45-55 minutes.
After reviewing behavioral expectations for read-alouds, the students will discuss what
traditions are practiced when he/she loses a tooth. (3 minutes)
Then the students will observe the cover of the book, I Threw My Tooth On the Roof.
After observing the cover and making prediction about what the book is about, the
students will listen to selected parts of the book with a map of the continents displayed on
the board for reference to the cultural locations. (10 minutes)
When the book is finished, students will participate in a discussion during which they
will turn to a partner and review what they thought was most interesting about what they
had heard, then share their partner’s thoughts/comments. Also part of the discussion,
students will discuss what the common traits were of the different traditions around the
world. (7 minutes)
With a PowerPoint, the students will then learn about dental hygiene, its purpose, and
how to brush one’s teeth. (10 minutes)
After the PowerPoint, students will break into groups of 2-3 and have the choice to either:
1. Act out the four steps of brushing one’s teeth or 2. A tooth tradition from the book.
Students may add their own subtle elaborations taken from their imaginations or personal
practice. (2-3 minutes)
Students will be brought back to the carpet and instructions for the assessment will be
reviewed. It will be what is described in the objective and after instructions are reviewed
the two worksheets will be handed out. If students finish early, they may draw or write
dental hygiene related activities. (10 minutes)
Internet access with ability to display images on a Smartboard or projection
I Threw My Tooth On The Roof book
Image of world map with continents and compass
PowerPoint on dental hygiene
Assessment worksheet provided
White paper to create tooth paper for assessment
Evaluation of assessment worksheet will determine students’ level of understanding. All
worksheets are expected to be completed with 100% accuracy.
Reflection of the lesson should be on given assessments, students’ engagement level,
student’s cooperation level, personal comfort level and anxiety levels, and fluidity of